Trying out Therapy

One of the resources that NPH and the Seattle Institute offer our students is counseling and therapy. Between all the stress and adjustment, it is helpful to find spaces that are safe and confidential to process. Our therapists that we partner with are trained and highly skilled in cross-cultural situations, fluent in Spanish and familiar with NPH. David writes a little about his experience in his own English!

When I came to this program, I had never asked for an appointment and visited a therapist, because I had a negative image of going to a psychologist. My first time was in December when Jacqueline asked us to visit just one time.  I really didn’t want to go because I have had bad experiences. I did not know how the therapy worked here in the United States.

However, I had to go before my trip to Minnesota for Christmas. Once I arrived to the therapist’s office, I was happy. We were able to meet with Kara King, who is an amazing person. I realized that it was a little difficult to express all the things that I wanted to say because I was nervous and I did not know how to start. During my time in Seattle, sometimes I feel like I’m alone. I think about my University, friends in my country, trying to learn a new language, and I begin to lose sense of this program. So then, I began talking about Seattle with Kara. For example, my homestay, school, leadership formation, Seattle’s culture and a little bit about myself.

I really enjoyed my time with Kara despite everything, I felt very comfortable at the end because I could express myself freely. In conclusion, I am taking advantage of this opportunity that NPH offers me. Sometimes, we are looking for someone to tell our personal things to, or you might even have your own person! But if you need any help, you can talk with your loved ones, Jacqueline, or even go to therapy.

Womxn’s March in Seattle

Saravia and her homestay participated in the Women’s March in Seattle, which was one of the largest marches ever recorded. She writes about the importance of women’s rights and her experience in her own English!

I attended this march because my host family firmly believes that women’s rights are also human rights. 130,000 people joined in this event to demonstrate that women are not what the president of this country believes or says. Men also joined this march to demonstrate that they respect the existence of women.

I am very surprised with what happened in this march. Because it makes me think a lot about my country and it makes me very sad because my country is going through the same political situations, and I think even worse. In my country corruption is like a disease–everywhere you can see it. Citizens of my country put a president in office who does not respect the constitution of the republic, a person who steals money from the people, a person who left thousands of families without social insurance. But the citizens of Honduras will never make a march like the one I saw in Seattle .

Finally, i hope that the American people will remain strong and united. To fight for their rights and values, to fight for a better country for future generations and for the rights of immigrants


My Experience with iLeap

Below, Jimmy writes about spending time with iLeap a few weeks ago. 

On March 30 and 31st, we spent time at iLeap. They were two days full of happiness, learning, and much reflection for me. It was so good to see the wonderful people that work there as they shared their knowledge and friendship with us.

Those two days were full of learning because I had the opportunity to learn many new things. I learned that vulnerability affects us in many difference situations and that sometimes we become victims of our own lack of confidence and trust.

My favorite activity was that we had to represent our lives as a river. It made me reflect a lot as we had to draw about our lives in past, present and future tense. This impacted me, because it made me think about the things that happened to me in the past that continue to affect me presently. The activity helped me think about the manner of how I’m living my life now and how life could be in the future.

In conclusion, I feel very grateful to iLeap for all their support!



El pasado 30 y 31 de Marzo compartimos tiempo con el personal de iLEAP. Fueron dos días llenos de alegría, conocimiento y de mucha reflexión para mí. Fue muy alegre porque pude ver una vez más la gente linda que trabaja ahí y que comparte su conocimiento y su amistad con todo el que lo necesita.

Fueron días llenos de conocimiento porque tuve la oportunidad de aprender muchas y nuevas cosas como, la manera en la que la vulnerabilidad nos afecta en tantas situaciones y a veces no nos damos cuenta que somos víctimas de nuestra misma inseguridad.


La parte que mas me encanto y que me hizo reflexionar muchísimo fue la de representar nuestra vida en forma de un rio y dividida entre pasado, presente y futuro. Esa me impacto porque me hizo pensar en cosas que no fueron muy buenas en mi pasado y que de alguna u otra manera me están afectando en mi presente, al darme cuenta de eso sentí mucha satisfacción porque gracias a esa actividad estaba revisando mi vida.

La actividad mi vida como un rio me ayudo muchísimo a retroceder hacia mi pasado, pensar en la manera en la que estoy viviendo en mis años actuales y también me ayudo a pensar de la manera en la que me visualizo en algunos años. En conclusion, me siento muy agradecido con iLEAP por el trabajo que han realizado con nosotros como NPH y en especial conmigo.

As many of you know or can guess, our students from Haiti are often challenged with learning English as their 3rd or 4th language. I am constantly impressed with Samuel’s willingness to learn English and just how much he has grown in communicating! This is a piece he wrote by himself reflecting on his learning in Seattle. 

I am pretty sure that most of you know that Seattle institute is a program focused on Leadership, English and also Service. I only want to talk a little bit more about my journey in Seattle and especially Seattle institute.

This program have changed me in different ways, the Seattle institute helped me to discover my really personality and help me to know that I have greatness within me. This program taught me that there are more than these three things, which are English, service, and leadership. It is true that we all can be leaders, but being servant leader is not really common and the Seattle institute allows me to be a better leader and even servant leader. The best thing by being a servant leader is to be humble and sincere, I can say firmly that this program has taught me how to be more sincere and how to be a better person every single day.

Being able to be part of this program is such a great blessing for me, and it cannot be possible without NPH (NPFS). I know that words are not enough to express how grateful I am; yes I really know what NPH is for me, but the fact that I am living in Seattle I can say that I learn more and more about NPH and what it really means to be part of this family. When I say my journey in the Seattle institute is more than learn English, leadership and also give service. This is what I mean; first I want to say something, which is similar that Father Wasson said, “ We all from different places, but what we really are is a family”. Father Wasson was more than right about he had said because I am from a different places and being able to live with and call the Marre family (my family) it is such a great thing for me. Being able to meet and spend time David, Roxana, Mariela, Saravia, and Jimmy another way that Father Wasson was right. To be honest, being able to meet all those beautiful people that are so dedicated to NPH explain the idea about the fact I say the Seattle institute is more than learn English, leadership and give service. During my journey in this program I have learned many things, things that help me to be more grateful than ever. The Seattle Institute has helped me to be the best version of me. The Seattle institute is one of the important parts of NPH and also helps me to know and understand what it means to be part of NPH. My journey in Seattle will not be possible without the host families, without those who give bodies and souls to this family that we all call NPH. I know thank you will not be enough to express my gratitude, but I hope my witness will be enough to show how grateful and I am for everything that you have done.

Thank you to my great host family (The Marres) that turns into a real family to me, I need you to know my journey will not be great without you. Thank Seattle institute for helping become the best version of me and I can so far you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel blessed enough and honored to be part of this beautiful journey, which is Seattle institute.

I am sure that these experiences will lasts forever. Love and Gratitude!!DSC_0456_web (1)

My Amazing Host Family

Saravia shares a bit about her homestay and how they have helped her adjust to Seattle. She wrote this in her own English!

I would love to share a little a little about who my host family is. Especially because because they have been excellent people with me. Because they make me feel welcome at home, I am treated more like a daughter and sister. And that makes me feel very good.

Katie: was the first person of this family I met. She was in my country and we met because she is the director of the NPH offices in seattle. She spent a week in Honduras and we talked a lot. She decided that she wanted to be my godmother and that she wanted to support me in my studies and in my life in general. Since then, we have been in contact for many years. Eight years to be exact

Laura: Laura is the wife of my godmother Katie. Laura is originally from Seattle. She is a person who has a lot of patience and that impresses me a lot. She is also very motherly in every way, she knows how to take good care of people and has very noble heart. She is really smart.

Nicholas: He is 9 years old, he is a very cute and very intelligent boy. Nicholas loves sports like me –that’s why we have a good connection because we share things in common. He is a really good soccer player, he plays as a goalkeeper.

Rory (Aurora): Rory she is 9 years old too. She and Nicholas are twins. Rory is a very intelligent girl. When I see her, I think of the great future she will have in her life. She loves to read most of the time she is reading, I think she has read more than any other adult in their life. Also, she has a very strong personality. That’s what i like most about her, because it is how we identify ourselves. She always what she thinks and i like that too, for many girls with the same age i think she is too mature.

Willa: she is 3 years old. She is the most beautiful kid that exists. Thanks to her, children have started to like me more. She is a very cute an funny girl she makes each of my days the best. Willa makes me feel welcome and loved, and I really like it.

I am very grateful to be part of this family and grateful that they are part of my life and my NPH family.

Free Time in Seattle!

Jimmy decided to share a bit about what his free time in Seattle looks like. He shares about some unique opportunities! He wrote this in his own English. 

My free time here in Seattle has been very fun and relaxing at the same time. First of all, because I´ve shared with my brothers and sisters who are also leadership students and friends who are from Seattle as well. I have learned that skiing that is something super fun and I feel pleased because for me it is a unique experience and I also feel grateful with those who made that possible.

I also had a good time bowling with the other students, Jacqueline, and with the mentors who are super fun people, so I feel grateful with them too. Sometimes I have gone to watch movies to the theater with some of the guys of the group(students) and for me that is one of the good ways to enjoy the youth, and other words this is one of the good ways to be a young man, having fun.

With my family (The Hart family) I learned how to play Golf. At the beginning I did not know how to do it, but they taught me, so I could play pretty good, that experience was unforgettable for me because I had never played that game and I feel so grateful with my family because I am pretty sure they want me to have fun, so this is one more experience on my list.

In conclusion, I have taken advantage of my free time with those surround me, and I do not want to keep mentioning more good and fun experiences because I wouldn’t be able to stop. One person from Seattle and who also is very special to me, told me: YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN, BUT ALSO YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD, that´s something that I´ll never forget, that makes feel that I have to learn  to have balance in my life.



Mi tiempo libre aquí en Seattle ha sido muy divertido y relajado a la misma vez. Primero que todo,  porque comparto con mis hermanos  que también son parte del programa de Leadership institute y otros amigos de aquí de Seattle. He aprendido a esquiar que es algo súper divertido y me siento muy complacido de haber vivido esa experiencia tan única, también agradecido con las personas que hicieron que esa experiencia fuera posible.

              También tuve un tiempo muy divertido jugando bowling con todo el grupo(estudiantes), Jacqueline y los mentores que son súper divertidos, de la misma manera estoy muy agradecido con ellos. En ciertas ocasiones he ido a ver película al cine con algunos chicos del grupo, que para mí es algo súper relajado y una muy buena manera de ser joven o en otras palabras disfrutar de mi juventud.

              Con MI familia(La familia Hart ) aprendí a jugar Golf, al inicio no sabía cómo hacerlo, pero ellos me enseñaron y al final termine jugando muy bien, eso realmente fue algo inolvidable para mi, muy agradecido con mi familia, porque nunca lo había jugado y hacer que me divierta, ya es una  experiencia más en mi lista, 

              En conclusión, siento que aprovechado mi tiempo libre con las personas que me rodean, ya no sigo mencionando mas experiencias porque si no, no termino, pero algo que tengo muy claro y que nunca se me olvida es un frase que una  persona muy especial para mi aquí en Seattle me dijo una vez es: HAY QUE DIVERTISE, PERO TAMBIEN HAY QUE TRABAJAR MUY DURO, esto me lleva a pensar a que tengo que tener balance  en mi vida.



David talks about Christmas Break

David had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas, the New Year, and his birthday with a family who has traveled to NPH Guatemala many times. He talks about how it was spending his Christmas vacation in Minnesota in his own English here (with a bit of editing from Jacqueline):

Welcome to my second blog, I would like to describe my amazing trip to Minnesota.

In December, I was excited to finish the first quarter of school. We went on retreat with Jacqueline on Whidbey Island and it was really interesting. We talked about topics such as “How to be a Servant as a Leader” and “How can I Make a Difference.”We washed each others’ feet and talked about humility. December reminded me that Jesus came to earth for us to be the true path and life for us. Christmas is a good season to be thankful for Jesus’ birth.

During my time in NPH, I know that the meaning of Christmas is not only that you have gifts under the tree, light in your home, dinner with family and friends, snow around the house, or stockings hanging in the living room. Christmas is about sharing with others, and even if you have very little, you share it with love.

This experience in Minnesota was really fun because I was invited to sit first class in the plane ride–which has never happened in my life! I also went to Mall of America (which is huge), the University of Minnesota, down a giant slide in the mall, and to Minneapolis for New Year’s Eve. There, I danced the whole night with friends! It was a great experience. It was fun spending time with the Munoz family for my birthday, where we just played many board games.

I thank God every day for the people that support NPH and give me these experiences. I will never forget them!16473830_267885516977012_5678709767686175928_n


Mariela writes about iLeap


Mariela comes from NPH Mexico. Here is her reflection on her interaction with iLeap, one of our partner organizations. Her original writing in Spanish follows below:

iLeap continues to play an important role in the NPH Family–a relationship that is nourishing and helpful! I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of the leadership program. This experience will encourage my personal and professional growth. I also feel that sharing this with my brothers and sisters from other countries only enriches the experience.

For me, iLeap has ideas to offer to everyone, not only learning, but also helping discover questions about who you are, where you are going, and what you want. We learn how to create goals and objectives, as well as different forms and methods of achieving them.

A strong leader is able to inspire others and openly express their ideas. We have learned to identify which type of leader we now are according to our own personality, and what type of leader we would like to be.

The goal is to share our experiences in order to learn how to support our NPH family. This will allow us to be more human, more humble, and more committed to our environment and society.

We discovered that by working as a team, we complement one another in our skills, commitment, and be more efficient when making choices. A phrase that stuck out to me has been, “If you want to go quickly, walk by yourself. If you want to go far, work as a team.” There are a thousand ways of obtaining results, but we must learn how to ask for help to reach our highest potential.

This stage in life for me is very important, as I want to inspire my younger siblings and share what I have learned. I want to thank all that form part of the iLeap team for opening their doors and sharing their knowledge with us. iLeap really transforms lives!


iLEAP se ha vuelto importante dentro de la gran Familia de NPH y formar parte de esta unión me da una gran satisfacción, Agradezco la oportunidad que tengo de poder formar parte del programa de liderazgo , es una experiencia que me permitirá crecer personal y profesionalmente, al mismo tiempo que me brinda la oportunidad de convivir y compartir con mis hermanos de otros países enriqueciendo aún más la experiencia.

iLEAP es para mí como para todos y cada uno de mis hermanos un organismo, que no solo nos brinda enseñanza sino que también ayuda a descubrir realmente quien eres a dónde vas y que quieres ; aprendemos a forjar metas y objetivos, propone las diferentes formas y caminos para así lograrlo.

Un buen líder transmite la sensación de inspirar a los demás, expresar abiertamente sus ideas, y compartirlas, aprendimos a identificar qué tipo de líder somos de acuerdo a nuestros comportamientos y que tipo de líder queremos convertirnos en un futuro inmediato.

El propósito de compartir nuestras experiencias es conocer las diversas formas de aportar un granito de arena a Nuestra familia de NPH, este acercamiento nos permitirá ser más humanos, más humildes, mas compartidos directamente en nuestro entorno y en la sociedad.

Descubrimos que el trabajo en equipo complementamos habilidades compromiso y desarrollo incrementamos la eficiencia en la toma de decisiones, hay una frase en lo particular que a mí me agrada “SI QUIERES LLEGAR RAPIDO CAMINA SOLO, SI QUIERES LLEGAR LEJOS HAZLO EN EQUIPO” hay una y mil maneras de poder obtener los resultados, nada mejor que realizarlo con un poco de ayuda, no solo lo lograremos si no que tendremos óptimos resultados.

Esta etapa para mí es muy importante, quiero inspirar a mis hermanos pequeños y compartir lo que he aprendido, agradezco a todos y cada uno de los que forman parte de iLEAP que nos abrieron sus puertas, nos comparten experiencias y conocimientos , es una oportunidad de aprender cosas nuevas gracias iLEAP verdaderamente transforman vidas!


Roxana reflects on Seattle Central College

Roxana comes from NPH El Salvador. She offers a reflection on studying at Seattle Central Community College. The original version in Spanish follows:

Seattle Central College is a place that offers everyone the opportunity to study English–no matter the color of your skin, race or religion. All of us are seen equally by our highly qualified faculty, who are always read to help us when we need it.

Seattle Central is also an incredible opportunity to learn and meet many new people in our classes. We come from many different parts of the world, which means that we learn about different culture, religions, politics and economics from worlds different than our own.

Personally, I’m very happy and thankful for this opportunity to learn English and make new friends. Sometimes I get tired when I have to work in a group, as it is challenging for me to communicate with my classmates. Our English is not very good, but we are able to communicate with a bit of work together and help from our professors. This is truly one of the best opportunities in my life.

Seattle Central es un lugar especializado donde todos tenemos la oportunidad de estudiar ingles no importando el color, religion, ni raza todos somos vistos de igual manera y lo mas importante que este colegio cuenta con los maestros calificados que siempre estan en la dispocicion de ayudarnos cuando lo necesitamos.

Seattle central es una gran oportunidad para aprender y conocer y hacer muchos amigos ya que dentro de nuestros niveles de ingles habemos de diferentes partes del mundo, mediante la convivencia con nuestros companeros aprendemos otras culturas, como por ejemplo: religion, politica, economia todo un modo de vida diferente al nuestro.