NPH Youth Development Programs

We believe that all children deserve the chance to reach their full potential and lead the best lives possible, both personally and professionally. Our nine NPH homes provide a variety of development opportunities for our youth to help make this possible. Our programs span the areas of leadership, young women empowerment, spiritual formation and a variety of extracurricular activities so that they can develop their talents and creativity.
“We know to be strong leaders you really have to know yourself and we try to provide opportunities for young people so that they can continue to learn more about themselves and where they see themselves serving. . . We are not just talking about leadership in general, we are really talking about leadership that comes from the heart, that comes from the understanding of what it means to serve.” -Donna Egge, Director of Family Service, NPHI
Watch our latest video to learn more about youth development at NPH!

Fr. Rick returns to Seattle!

This past Sunday the Friends of the Orphans Northwest family was blessed to have Father Rick Frechette visiting from Haiti. About seventy-five people gathered in the Rudolf family home, host family of Rodolfo, to hear Father Rick talk about the many programs of NPH Haiti. All of this year’s leadership students attended as well as charter class alum Jean Francois. Fr. Rick talked about the especially tough economic situation facing the Haiti home and programs that have brought very difficult decisions as they try to make do with less resources.

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Father Rick, on behalf of the St. Luke Foundation which helps fund the St. Luke Hospital as well as many other programs, received the prestigious Opus prize in recognition of the phenomenal impact the Hospital and the many other programs have had in the lives of thousands of Haitians. The Opus prize is a faith-based humanitarian award that gives one $1 millon award each year to a deserving organization. Here is a beautiful video put together by the Opus Prize in recognition of Fr. Rick and the St. Luke Foundation’s work:

The Feast of the Epiphany

Last Sunday, Father Tom celebrated Mass with the Leadership Group, their host families and mentors. It was a wonderful evening of prayer, celebration and great food!  Wendy and Emir shared some thoughts on how Three Kings Day is celebrated in Mexico and Honduras. See Wendy’s thoughts here and Emir’s here!

As a community, we celebrated the progress of these five Pequeños, both in their English abilities as well as in their personal growth as emerging leaders.

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