Being a Leader is Showing the Way AND Learning Little by Little

David’s leadership philosophy statement and reflection, which he wrote and shared during the 2020 Seattle Institute Graduation Ceremony:

My name is David Viveros. I am from NPH Mexico and I am 22 years old.

Seattle Institute holds an important place in my life because it is 304 days full of fun, 10 months of learning, 4 brothers and sisters from different countries, and our special leader Erin from whom I have learned the purpose of my life, which is to serve with love and gratitude to my NPH community.

I learned that understanding my strengths and areas of growth is incredibly important, and that I should never forget them, because without them, I would not be the same person that you see here today.

I learned that being a leader means “team” because none of us would be leaders without having a strong team at our side. Being a leader is showing the way, but also learning little by little with the help of others; for me, that is being a leader, working as a team to make a change in a person, in the world or in our communities together.

I am a person who has changed paradigms in my personal life with great effort, preparation, and perseverance. Some of my leadership qualities are that I am empathetic, kind, creative, responsible and I earn people’s trust by inspiring a happy vision of life.

When I return to Mexico, I will help for a few months in the Communications office in Cuernavaca and later in Monterrey with videos and photos for the NPH website, thus improving communication with sponsors, donors and new people who want to know more about NPH activities. Also, I will support the leadership program by giving motivational workshops to inspire them to apply for NPH’s variety of leadership program opportunities. Later in the year, I will begin my university studies in Graphic Design in Monterrey. To do all this, I need to be responsible and committed to my values and vision.

This is very important to me because I know that in everything I do, there will always be a child who is watching me and will follow my actions. This is when I will know that my leadership and learning is working.

I want to thank all those people who from day one were supporting us. To the homestays, but especially the Fitton family for welcoming me into their home and giving me everything necessary to have a wonderful time here in Seattle, Karen, Dave, Elias, Joshua, Smik Smok the fish, Rex the dog, and the turtle, I love you, and will never forget you.

To Sarah my mentor, you are a great friend that I will carry in my heart forever. With you I learned how important it is to have someone who understands you, who saves you from those boring or bad moments to turn them into moments of happiness and adventure, I will never forget how my soul was very happy to see you because I knew we were going to have fun and to have one of the best days here. I love you and thank you very much for that and more.

To Fundación MAPFRE, the teachers, donors, office workers at NPH USA and Perennial, because without your great help I would not have all the knowledge that I have today, you taught me to never give up.

I thank my team Alexis, Jessica, and Abby because without them I would not be a leader, as I said, a leader needs his team to be able to reach the goal that we are achieving right now. You are the best. Team chichi forever.

And my most important thanks are to Erin, I want to thank you for all your support. Every time I felt weak and I couldn’t take it anymore, there you were, when I couldn’t with school or homework, there you were, when I felt lost, there you were, and in all the moments of happiness, you kept giving me your best advice with much love and happiness. I will never forget that for every situation you had an answer and I am sure you will be an excellent mother because for us four, you are the mother that any child would love just by listening to your heartbeat, thank you very much Erin for this honor to meet you and learn from you this gift of being a true leader.

And thank you all very much who have supported us throughout this year and make this program possible!!

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