I Can Make Change

Alexis Beltran’s leadership philosophy statement and reflection, which he wrote and shared during the 2020 Seattle Institute Graduation Ceremony, right before he received his diploma!:

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Beltran. I am a pequeño who has a unique story, but who shares the same values and principles with all my brothers and sisters at NPH. I have lived at NPH for 22 years and because of that, I believe in the power of unconditional love, sharing, faith, work, and service. I can say that thanks to NPH, I share a common truth with many people around the world: we all need love in our lives.

This year in Seattle, I have learned that I am a person who can change not only my world, my desires, or what is best for me, but I can make change in the world and lives of my brothers and sisters at NPH. I live to serve others as a great leader. I have learned that to be a better person, we have to let others know who we are and who we want to be. I have learned that I am a leader who is charismatic, a good listener, democratic and collaborative. I want others to trust and believe in me, not only because of my strengths, but also because of my vulnerability.

One of my favorite experiences in Seattle was sharing my story with my team members because it helped me open myself to others. Another experience that changed me was when we were asked to think deeply about our calling in life. I now believe that we can overcome even the most difficult challenges and create hope for all. This year has taught me that everyone can make a difference, little by little, and that leadership is working together and building trust in the team. Being a leader does not mean to have a higher position or better title. To me leadership means seeing through the eyes of others and walking in their shoes. It is creating a place and culture where others can be themselves. It means accepting our faults and understanding others, so now I encourage you: Always forget what you give; never forget to forgive.

When I go back to Guatemala, I want to share my experiences with NPH staff, but most importantly, with my brothers and sisters, to teach them that they have the power to be good leaders. I will be an English teacher in the NPH school as I continue my university studies. I would love to create different programs where the children and youth can develop both their English and leadership skills and work toward their dreams. I believe that my efforts will help to improve the communication and connection among supporters, visitors, and the Pequeños.

My long-term vision is to create an English academy that will allow Guatemalans to communicate with tourists and will provide more job opportunities and economic growth. This is something very important for me because I am part of a great community in Parramos, where NPH is located.

Finally, I first want to thank God, who brought me here today. I am thankful for the blessings that we received during our time here, and for all the people who have shared their faith and God’s love with us. I want to thank the Sorey family, Helaina, David, Miguel, and Sabina (dog) for opening their home and for giving me the special treatment since I arrived. Thank you for the love, the care, the food, the beautiful moments, and for the words and support you gave me when I felt that everything was falling down I want to give a special thanks to Erin Egge, who with her patience, love, care, and knowledge gave us the tools to be better people. I want to thank my mentors, Avriel, Kristina, and Emily, who encouraged me to go and work for what I want to achieve, and who shared their time to talk about life and work with me. To Abby, Jazmin, and Davit, with whom I learned to be successful, thank you for being there when I always needed a friend, for becoming part of my family, for sharing in these experiences together. You have taught me to be a better person, and never give up upon the worst moments. Thank You Guys. My time here in Seattle has been great thanks to everybody, and I have the certainty that we will have more experiences together in the future.

Our founder Father Wasson always dreamed that his sons and daughters, one day could change the world, so here we are carrying out his dream. I dream that one day the world will be better thanks for all those people who fight hand in hand, heart to heart. Our Father Wasson once said, “You can be one person in the world, but You can be the world for a child.” So, let’s do that together.

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