Our First Leadership Retreat on Vashon Island

Written by Abigail Hernández in English

On Sunday October 22nd, 2019 our leadership team ended a long week of school and went to Vashon island for our first retreat. When we got to the house where the retreat was being held, we could feel harmony and peacefulness surrounding us. Getting away from the normal routine of college classes and homework, after five days of school, was like taking a breath of fresh crisp air from our routines. This time away was a great blessing.

Vashon Island was a great place to have our first retreat. Vashon Island is filled with beauty.  On the island we had views of the Puget Sound and the trees surrounding us. The nature all around speaks of the greatness of the Lord. Our group enjoyed all the views and had the opportunity to take make pictures together to cherish as memories.

With Erin’s direction and along with the team, we talked about many leadership topics. However, the one that really stuck out for me was the topic on BRIDGES. A bridge is a place where people enter and exit. It should be supported and be kept safe for those who travel on them. Likewise, we used the metaphor of the BRIDGE in our lives and what it meant to us. Bridges are about the people who enter our lives and stay or exit our lives and leave. We realized that sometimes the people who come in and out of our lives are meant to make us stronger along the way, assist us in our needs, we assist them, and those people also help us grow, nurture us, and help us learn about life’s lessons. Sometimes, we just need those people to be a bridge to our joyous and sad moments in life.

We also learned about how our lives are like those bridges…. where were those bridges take us and where would we end up, where do we want to go? This topic helped us to realize how important this metaphor was in our lives now and developing our vision for the future. The people on our bridge of life are there to strengthen, assist, and carry us through life in all moments. This topic also encouraged us to look at our neighbors, classmates, group participants and others around us and figure out how we could be those bridges in their lives.

This retreat was very a productive and enriching experience for us. The lessons learned and topics discussed would help us grow and become better leaders in the following months. We are so grateful to Erin and the entire NPH community for their support, love, and generosity towards this program and us.

I would like to share a couple quotes about Leadership that have helped me……

“Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others.” ~John Maxwell

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” ~John Wooden

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