We Are the Pilots of Our Lives

Fany shared the following message at the NPH Seattle Institute Graduation, in her very own English…


Hello! My name is Fany Martinez and I’m from Honduras. Thank you for coming to our graduation and for supporting us.

I am very, very grateful to be part of the Seattle Institute along with the other students. This year I grew in knowledge, as a member of an incredible team, and I became part of a wonderful family.

Over this past year, I learned about leadership and about myself, and how to be an NPH ambassador. I learned more about my strengths. I’m creative, empathetic, caring, strong, and entrepreneurial.

When I return to my country, I will use these strengths and my new knowledge to support in an area where NPH Honduras needs me, because serving others is important to me. I will continue in university and in preparing to be a professional so that I can give back to NPH.

My plan is to support the youth group that I was part of as a young girl, planning workshops and being part of their lives. Helping NPH, being a strong and good leader, growing professionally, and being in control of my life have been dreams that I have had since I was little. And I am achieving those dreams, little by little.

I am very grateful to the program and to all those who make it possible: homestays, mentors, sponsors, MAPFRE, Seattle Central College Teachers, our financial supporters, the NPH office team and our dear and excellent coordinator, Erin.

But I want to give a special thanks to my host family: Annie, Mary, Teresa, my little Brigid, Jeff, Molly, and Mr.MiloMan. I want to tell you my dear family that I love you and you will always be in my heart. You know why? Because you have made me a tattoo on my heart; it is not with Chinese ink, it is with love ink. You have given me an excellent year. We have had moments of joy, fun, sadness, but most importantly, you have given me unconditional love. Thank you for welcoming me in to your family. I love you so much.

Now that we are in our last few days of the program, I leave with a big smile, I am grateful for this time, for the new things I learned, for the places I went, the people I met, amazing teachers, and now I leave with new friends like Liamar, Ricky, Rafa and Moy. We had beautiful moments, and thanks for everything.

Blessings and many thanks.


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