No Obstacle Is Bigger Than My Goals

Rafa shared the following message at the NPH Seattle Institute Graduation, in his original English…


Hello, my name is Rafael Llamoga, and I am from Peru.

I have greatly enjoyed this year in Seattle, and I have had new experiences that have made me see the world from another perspective. A few of my favorite experiences have been meeting many people, living with an incredible family and enjoying this beautiful country.

Over the past 10 months, I have learned that I am a humble and servant leader. Some of my areas of strength are being a visionary, entrepreneur, perseverant, responsible and resilient.

I believe that our strengths should be used to serve others, and that is exactly how I intend to use mine. I want to leave my mark by serving others in need.

To me, leadership means using strength to benefit others and help others achieve their goals and work together toward a common purpose. I think a good leader is a person who is always available to help his neighbor in the most difficult of situations.

When I go home, I want to serve the NPH family. This is important to me because I want thank the NPH family for all of the opportunities NPH has given me. These opportunities have changed me to be a better person. NPH was there for me when I needed family the most, and has continued to support me through university. I am a proud university graduate of Business Administration.

When faced with challenges in the future, I want to remember the challenges that I have gone through in my life and that I am a survivor. No obstacle is bigger than my goal, and no problem is bigger than the universe or my NPH family.

I am very grateful to all the people involved with NPH and the Seattle institute program. Thank you MAPFRE for making this program possible. I want to give a special thanks to my Homestay: Scott, Barbara, Claire and Peter. You are incredible people, and I will never forget living as a family in your home. You will always be in my heart.

I am so happy to have been part of a united and collaborative team – Fany, Liamar, Ricky and Moy – you have helped me grow and learn from each of you.

Thank you so so so so….. much Erin, for the emotional and intellectual support you have given me during last 10 months, for the retreats and the workshops – you have given me very productive and wise workshops.

Thanks to my mentors for joining me during this year. Especially Douglas and Lizzy for all the years you have supported the NPH family, and thank you for spending pleasant moments with me and with the team.

I am grateful for this opportunity because this helped me to develop my leadership, to know myself and to learn English. This program not only helps us; when I go home I will share it with hundreds of my brothers.

Thanks!, thanks!, thanks!, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Rafa’s TRUTH:

My truth RAFA june 18 2019

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