Focus on Your Strengths

Liamar shared the following speech at the Seattle Institute Graduation, in her very own English.


My name is Liamar Fajardo, and I am from NPH Nicaragua. I am so grateful and excited to be here speaking in front of you because this means that I am ready to go back to my community and put into practice everything I learned during my time as a part of the Leadership Program.

During my time in Seattle, I have had wonderful experiences, and I have learned a lot about leadership, about myself, and about serving others. I think that everyone is a leader in their own lives. Here, I realized that I am a democratic, strategic, servant, and empowering leader because I am attentive to the needs of others, I try to find creative ways of solving a problem, I prefer to act instead of talk, and I share my knowledge with others and apply it to my life.

I also learned more about my strengths, how I can apply them to my life as a leader, and that I should focus on my strengths and not on my weaknesses. It is because of that when I go back to my country, I want to implement a program focused on young people who are preparing to attend college. This program could help prepare them in the transition from NPH to leading their own independent lives, while learning to manage their money, and choose the ideal career for them.

That is important to me because I wish the best for my brothers and sisters in NPH, and I want them to have the necessary tools to be able to overcome obstacles and adversities, and I also want them to choose the most suitable career for them. Many are sometimes not sure what they want to do in the future, and they feel frustrated when choosing a professional career; I will encourage them to study something that they are passionate about, something related to their strengths and abilities.

This is also important for NPH because we will be preparing the youth to be more independent, courageous, and with goals and purpose in their lives. This will allow them to be productive members within NPH and society.

I am grateful to all who support the Seattle Institute Program and the NPH family such as MAPFRE, all of you here today, and I want to especially thank my host family, my mentors, and the team of Seattle Institute Leadership.

Anne Marie, Clay, Nathan, and Alexandra, I am so happy to be part of your wonderful family and thank you for making me feel part of it. I have learned a lot from each one of you; the value and love of family, the importance of communication, trust, and service to others, hard work, and how to take care of myself. I think that in all this time you have known me better than myself. Thank you for making me see that no matter how long it takes me, I can achieve what I set out to do and recognize qualities that I did not know about myself. Thanks for the delicious food you make. I will always hold you in my heart.

Kay and Karen, my mentors, thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and life experiences with me. I really enjoyed every moment together, and I learned a lot from each one of you. Thank you for motivating me to practice my English, to encourage me to think about my future, and for each lived adventure.

Fany, Moy, Rafa, and Ricky all you helped me to grow within the group, and each one contributed in a very special way in the program. I enjoyed all this time shared with you. Thank you for filling my days with smiles. You made every adventure unique. I will miss you.

This program not only helps us, but when I go home, I will share what I learned with my brothers and sisters at NPH because as a leader, I must enable others to act, inspire and motivate them to use their skills and strengths to serve their communities, and be leaders of their own lives.

If I had the opportunity to live again, I would choose the same life because every experience I have had here has been unique and special!!


Liamar’s TRUTH:

Liamar's Truth Final

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