If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Moy shared the following speech at the Seattle Institute Graduation, in his very own English.


My name is Moises Chavez, I’m from NPH Guatemala.

I just want to say to you that I’m so grateful to the NPH Seattle Institute for the tremendous opportunity to be part of this amazing program. I learned a lot throughout this year, and I had the privilege to meet many wonderful people.

I learned that being a good leader means listening well and practicing empathy. It can mean following as well, and include failure – but failing is a part of learning and growing. I learned that the foundation of my leadership is knowing myself, understanding my emotions and feelings. I worked hard on that this past year.

In a few days, I’m going back to my country. I have mixed emotions, because now I have friends and family here and I will miss them very much. But I have a lot to go back to – I will continue studying psychology at university, I want to give back to NPH, and continue achieving the many goals I have set for myself. When I go back to NPH Guatemala, my vision is finding ways to include our youth with disabilities in all activities, even more than they already are.

As I mentioned previously, I am so grateful to all the wonderful people who are involved in this amazing program of Seattle institute. You have made me feel part of this Northwest family since I arrived here on my first day.

To my host family the Soreys, you are such a wonderful people and you can’t imagine how grateful I am to you, every day your big smiles made all the difference, your patience with my broke English was so helpful at the beginning. You guys made these ten months so enjoyable and easy for me. I have no words to describe all that you mean for me but I can say that you will always be in my heart.

To my mentors Devon and Cathy, you were also part of my incredible time here, I really appreciate your time, the moments that we spent together I just can say that were unforgettable, I learned a lot from you.

So many of you impacted me during my time here. You make the dreams of thousands and thousands of my brothers and sisters around the NPH homes and programs possible.

I had many dreams as a child in NPH, now I can say one of those became a reality. The NPH Seattle Institute, Seattle Central College, donors, MAPFRE, my host family, friends, and all the NPH staff has been a part of this. We are finishing the program and we are leaving in a few days to continue our dreams and be part of the change in our societies and in the NPH family.

I would not like to end my talk without giving a huge thank you to my unique and amazing Seattle crew: Ricky, Liamar, Fany, Rafa, you guys made this adventure so special and of course our dear coordinator Erin, I learned a lot from you, your humble, kindness, advice and workshops were so essential in my personal growth.

I don’t want to say goodbye, so let’s just say that this is not goodbye, but see you later.

Thanks so much.

Moy’s TRUTH: 




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