Thoughts on Learning and Leadership

Congratulations to our Seattle Institute Team of 2019-2020!

Fany, Liamar, Moy, Rafa and Ricky are now officially young graduates of the Seattle Institute program. They each completed a courageous, 10-month journey full of self-discovery, eye-opening moments, learning and growth. I am personally motivated and inspired by each of them, and excited to cheer them on as they return to their countries and put into practice all that they learned here in Seattle. Below are a few of their own thoughts on their personal leadership and takeaways during their time in Seattle.



Liamar IMG_2017

During my time in Seattle, I have had wonderful experiences, and I have learned a lot about leadership, about myself, and about serving others. I think that everyone is a leader in their own lives. Here, I realized that I am a democratic, strategic, servant, and empowering leader because I am attentive to the needs of others, I try to find creative ways of solving a problem, I prefer to act instead of talk, and I share my knowledge with others and apply it to my life. I also learned more about my strengths, how can apply them to my life as a leader, and that I should focus on my strengths and not on my weaknesses.




I learned that when you help others to be better people, you feel a sense of peace. When I return to the D.R., I will give educational talks about leadership to children in the NPH home, because my greatest wish is that all the children of NPH Dominican Republic learn and know more about how they can be the best versions of themselves. This is important for me, because at a very young age I became involved in leadership activities, and that changed my life in an incredible way. I want to share my knowledge with the children and young people of NPH DR.


Fany IMG_2025

Over this past year, I learned about leadership and about myself, and how to be an NPH ambassador. I learned more about my strengths. I’m creative, empathetic, caring, strong, and entrepreneurial. When I return to my country, I will use these strengths and my new knowledge to support in an area where NPH Honduras needs me, because serving others is important to me. I will continue in university and preparing to be a professional, so that I can give back to NPH.


Moy IMG_1182

I learned that being a good leader means listening well and practicing empathy. It can mean following as well, and include failure – but failing is a part of learning and growing. I learned that the foundation of my leadership is knowing myself, understanding my emotions and feelings. I worked hard on that this past year.

I had many dreams as a child in NPH, now I can say one of those became a reality. The NPH Seattle Institute, Seattle Central College, donors, MAPFRE, my homestay, friends, and all the NPH staff has been a part of this. We are finishing the program and we are leaving in a few days to continue our dreams and be part of the change in our societies and in the NPH family.  


Rafa img_1179.jpg

Over the past 10 months, I have learned that I am a humble and servant leader. Some of my areas of strength are being a visionary, entrepreneurial, perseverant, responsible and resilient. I believe that our strengths should be used to serve others, and that is exactly how I intend to use mine. I want to leave my mark by serving others in need. To me, leadership means using strength to benefit others and help others achieve their goals and work together toward a common purpose. I think a good leader is a person who is always available to help his neighbor in the most difficult of situations.



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