Darlyn’s Graduation Speech


My name is Darlyn, and I consider myself as a philanthropist – which means people helping other people.  And, I am a strong and resilient woman from Guatemala.

The experience of being outside of my country and far from the people who’ve supported me has been very difficult, and, at the same time very constructive.  They have made me wiser and stronger for me to continue having this kind of experience, which will help me for the rest of my life.

Leadership for me means much more than just guiding people to achieve an objective. It is to inspire others and love what we are co-creating as a team.

I consider that one of my skills is to be able to communicate with people, which I believe to be very important.  Since people need to know how to articulate so that they can participate in creating the vision together.

I want to be able to inspire people in the course of my life so that those who I work with can continue to be the agents of change. I believe that when wIMG_8607e know ourselves better, we are able to inspire the rest of the people around us.

When I return to NPH, I want to find ways of creating healthier community inside and outside of NPH.  At NPH, I would like to teach pequenos and tias about healthy lifestyle.  As a physical therapist, I know that having a healthy lifestyle is challenging for many people.  But it benefits us all in terms of quality of life.  I would like to give workshops to staff about how to care for their own health while they take care of pequenos.  I also want to help our pequenos to learn about how to be healthy.

IMG_8686I want to thank all the people who have been in this process which has shaped me to be a more committed person with more goals. Especially to my homestay, Boysen Family, my mentors, Carry, Christina, and Lisa.

Thank you

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