Challenges and Successes

Yomara decided to write about some of the challenges and successes she has experience in Seattle so far. Please read what she shares below—in her own English!

Right now, we are in our sixth month of the Leadership Program in Seattle. During this long journey, we have found strong challenges which have made us feel sad and sometimes scared. Some of these challenges have been home sick, stress, tired, frustration because of the different culture and the language specially has been difficult.

IIMG_7798n my own experience, I could tell you that it has not been easy. I have felt frustrated because I really want to be successful in my life. Being far away from my native country and my family has reminded me how much I love my country and my entire family. Although this is not bad at all because I would not trade this opportunity for anything.

Staying in Seattle has been also the best experience. We have grown as a person, we have gotten important knowledge which in the future will help us to continue learning. We have achieved a big piece of our principal goal that is being a better leader for our houses, our countries and our entire world.

I am so grateful to be able to share part of my life with many people who are involved in supporting us in Seattle. They have showed me a really big sense of family. Our Seattle family has given us a big push to step out of our comfort zone and achieve all that we possibly can. They constantly do this for us because of the firm believe in each of the six of us as a pequeno.IMG_7816

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