Farid is from NPH Honduras. He is in the process of completing his degree in Psychology there. Here, he reflects back on one of the major NPH USA events held every November. Read about what his impression was of this big event!

NPH makes sure that every pequeno feels safe, happy and receives all the attention necessary. Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos is like an extended family who prioritizes the safety and well being of their children, not only hoping that the pequenos grow


physically, but also academically. Through tangible experiences, NPH makes certain every pequeno has the opportunity to mature and flourish so that they can one day make proper decisions when they leave the homes.

It is because of this, NPH offers various local programs for the kids, adolescents and young adults to participate in and learn from in their own homes. There are also programs overlooked by NPH International, serving as the final stepping stones during the transitional phase from   NPH homes to the outside world.


I am a part of one of the program run by NPH Seattle with an objective for pequenos to develop leadership skills in order to serve society on a global scale, just like Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. We are also able to learn English while we are here, a tool which connects us better to NPH USA.

I want to share with you an experience I have shared with NPH USA, one which every pequeno should be able to experience. Referred to as, “The Gala” by the NPH Bellevue office, all of whom I wish to mention, however, I don’t want to miss someone since there are so many of you who come together to make this a reality. We appreciate and support you in all the work you so humbly do for our homes to be able to provide us with all the basic necessities.

The gala is one of the events managed by NPH USA with the intention of raising funds for NPH’s nine homes. These funds are allocated to the health, growth, education and other priorities that are necessary depending on each pequeno. NPH invites the general public th


rough the NPH USA website while donors, volunteers, sponsors and ex-volunteers receive personal invitations, many of which are from friends and family who share some kind of link with Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos.




This is how so many people are able to come and participate in the gala. In the gala on November 4, 2017 Magdalena Marroquin, an hermana mayor–an older sister, from NPH Mexico shared her story and highlighted the importance of every donor, sponsor and NPH contributor for each pequeno.

The ac


tivities included a raffle of donated prizes, and an auction. Many things were auctioned and won including tickets to fly to our homes, dinners at different restaurants, wines, and a lot of other nice things. However, it is moments like these where one can see that the guests at the gala do not participate to win something…in fact it is the opposite. They participate because they are happy helping us and they know that the money they give is used to cover necessary costs that the children, adolescents and young adults need at the homes.

It is a very satisfying moment for all the participants and staff knowing that we have reached the donation goal for NPH. This is how we will be able to change lives through education, health, medical assistance, spirituality, and being able to provide every pequeno with people specifically suited to help them in whatever ways they need.

It is very heartwarming to have met the people who have humbly helped us change our lives.NPH_2017_Gala_(50_of_470)-(ZF-4881-14964-1-002)


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