My Homestay

Maria, one of our Honduran participants, wanted to write about her homestay experience so far. She shares the following, in her own English:

One of the best experiences while we are in Seattle as a student of the Seattle institute program is having the opportunity to share your time with a family from Seattle. At the beginning it is a little bit hard, because we must get use to the life in the USA, but we are so lucky that the amazing people in our houses help us to get thru this big step.

I think that for us, as pequeños, comes a little hard at the beginning because we do not use to live in a small family, as you well know we share home with 300 or more siblings at the same time. Sounds crazy I know, but it is one of the best things in life. So, when you came here and start get a lot of attention, help, and love; you start feel a little uncomfortable because it is something hard to get when you live with 300 siblings. But then your mind starts to change letting you know that you deserve that, and you start to accept it. So, you start to feel as a real member of your family. And it is in that time that you start to be more grateful, because you just don’t find someone that allows you to stay in their house, they also listen to you, they ask you how was your day, they give you rides; even if you are going somewhere far away in the middle of nowhere. They make you feel like you are part of their home and even the21369449_1373692449396539_205639336522730743_n dog starts loving you (this is one of my favorite parts).


In these short tree months, that we have been sharing with our host family, I have learned a lot. One of my favorite learning so far: is that if I want to meet a little bit more of the people I care; or I want to know, I have to say yes to every invitation they make me, even if they ask me if I want some pasote and I heard pozole, and when I get to their house I’m waiting the pozole and they came with a weird green plant. So, the secret is say yes and take it…!!




I’m glad that our program has this amazing people that helps us with this transition and make everything easier for all of us. I just want to say that without you all, this wouldn’t be the same. For all the great job that you are doing and being part of our lives in this special time. I want to be especially thankful with all of you: Mona and John Fonseca, Tom and Catherine Boysen, Peach and David Jack, Karen and Dave Fitton, and Roger and Judy Paulsen, I love you all, but I have to say that I have the most perfect and great family of all: The Martinez (Terre and Martin). I’m so lucky to have them and to share with them seven months more of this great experience.


After all, the best part of these is that even is just one-year experience, we all know that we will be family forever, because this kind of relationships will not break when we go back to our countries.

Maria G.

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