Adapting to Seattle

Throughout the year, each participant will offer a couple of reflections on their time in Seattle. We start with Darlyn, our participant from Guatemala. 

My time in Seattle has been very interesting so far. It is helpful to remember that I come from a country that is conservative in terms of our culture. I’ve always tried to see things from a different point of view there, and I’ve been grateful to the people who have helped give me a wider perspective. Seattle’s diversity of cultures and perspective makes you feel like you’re traveling to many parts of the worlds all at the same time. I don’t have the words yet to describe it.

Seattle has also been challenging. It is tough to start a new life completely, but know that there are many new opportunities that will help me grow. I am more relaxed by knowing that I have peers who speak my language, even though I didn’t know any of the other five that are in the group before I started this year!

The first few days in class have been very interesting. My class is very diverse in culture, and I am the only latina. Our accents are very different from each other, and make it hard to understand each other. I now have been here almost 3 months, and I feel more relaxed. I am more confident in my public speaking and trust my peers more. Yes, it has been a journey full of emotions, but it has been an incredible experience. I know that I still have much to learn. I am ready to continue challenging myself though!






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