Jimmy’s final speech

DSC_0543Hi everyone, I am Jimmy from Nicaragua. This year in Seattle has helped me to discover in a deep way that we all are the same. That is to say nobody is more than another; and nobody is less than another. I know that every single person is unique, and that we should all strive to be our best selves. I have realized that we all have to love each other and support each other because every person is struggling with something.

As most of you already know, I am a quiet person.  This trait is useful because it helps me to listen more carefully to others. I am also very aware of what going on around me.  I know that I have to be careful with this awareness because sometimes it can turn to judgement, which is not good. I want to use my awareness for understanding,  instead of judgement, so I am able to help people and be supportive.  The most important reason for first knowing myself is that it helps me to be aware of my own behavior toward those surrounding me.

A leader is someone who supports others.  A leader has difficult conversations with people in peaceful way. A leader creates a safe environment for those surround him or her.  A leader serves others without expecting anything in return.  But, to me, most importantly, a good leader is humble. This is the kind of leader I will strive to be.

Being in Seattle has been hard at times because I have been immersed in a new culture and surrounded by a new language; However, it has also been fun because I was able to do activities that I had never done before. For example, the gala, going skiing, spending time with my host family here in Seattle and then with some of their relatives in Arizona and Wenatchee.  I played golf for the first time! And I have had the opportunity to have important and deep conversations with friends.

I have grown a lot as a person throughout my time here and I have also grown as a leader which means I will be able to better serve my community and my NPH family. I know that some of my areas of strength are that I am a responsible person and a good listener. I want to use these strengths to keep working with children because I believe that children are the future of our countries, and to keep our NPH family functioning well will develop good citizens and break the cycle of poverty.

When I return home, I am going to continue with my university studies and support NPH wherever they need me. My major is international relations and I hope to complete my degree in the next couple years and continue to serve my NPH family. Also, at Seattle Central, I took  some Psychology courses and I would like to continue studying.

Finally, I want to thank all the beautiful and kind people who supported me in my weaknesses, and the people who felt proud of me in my strengths –among them, my beautiful host family, The Harts, friends who gave me useful and honest advice, and those who took the time to share with me in one way or another. I love and appreciate you all and will carry you with me when I am home in Nicaragua.

Thank you.DSC_0432.


Mariela’s Final Speech

Hi everyone. For the people that don’t know who I am, my name is Mariela and I from NPH Mexico.

I want to share about my experiences at the Seattle Institute and at iLEAP.

When I wrote my application to participate in the Seattle Institute program, I thought it would all be easy and exciting. I know now that only the second word was true.

I had a different idea about what leadership meant. In my mind, leadership was more about being the strongest in a group. But through my time in Seattle, I have learned that an equally important part of leadership is believing in myself, sharing my feelings with others, and taking time to reflect on myself. Allowing myself to be vulnerable is also very important.

The Seattle Institute and iLEAP have helped me thoughtfully consider who I am, where I am going, and what I want. We learned how to create goals, and different methods to be able to do them.

A personal goal for me is to be able to be the best version of myself, accepting my weaknesses, and being proud of my virtues.  And my professional goals are continue to grow my knowledge, skills and abilities as a dentist in order to help my community.

This stage in my life is very important for me because I want to inspire my younger brothers and sisters and share what I have learned. I want them to be able to see that being part of NPH is really amazing. NPH is transforming our lives now, and in the future, we are going to be the people who transform others’ lives with love and education.

I know there is a lot to learn, inside and outside the classroom, and this is only the beginning of my jorny. I know I’m going to make mistakes in the future, but something I struggle with is   recanaisin when something is not working, and being able to know when it is time to go a different way.

Now when I think about leadership, words like humility, tolerance, support, empathy, and teaching are what come to mind. These words are important to me and define the kind of leader I am trying to be.

I know now that I am a leader who is good at communicating and supporting others. I enjoy listening to people, being open to their ideas, and working with them.

I want to support and motivate others to give their best in order to make change. It’s not because I believe I have all the answers, but from my own experiences, I understand what it means to have someone who believes and has faith in you, to help you believe in yourself.

This program was amazing for me. I take with me an album of memories of adventures with my brothers and sisters, my host family, my teachers at the school, and all the people involved with NPH. I want to say thank you to all of you for being patient and understanding with this crazy Mariela.

Today is a really good day, not just because it is our graduation and is the end of the program. It is because we know that this is the beginning of something really amazing for everyone. I feel inspired and I believe that everything happened for a reason, like to make a difference, to encourage change, to become our best selves, and help others.

Finally, I want to let you know to Saravia, Roxana, Jimmy, Samuel and David, that it was an honor to be with you in this beautiful adventure and you will always be in my heart. Thank you and thank you all of you.

Roxy’s Final Speech

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing the student’s speeches from graduation. They were so great! Each speech was written by each student in their own English. 

Hello, everyone! My name is Roxana and I’m from El Salvador

thanks for being here with us in this wonderful moment. I would like to share a little bit about my experiences here in Seattle.

This year in Seattle, I have discovered that I am a leader. In the beginning, I didn’t believe in myself. But now I have the confidence that I can succeed, can make many changes in my life, and in the lives of others.

A few of my favorite experiences have been in this group with my brother and sisters, iLeap and Seattle Central College. At school, meeting other students from other countries was very interesting for me. I really enjoyed learning about other cultures with my new friends. The retreats that we went on together were very profound for me, and full of new experiences, like kayaking and patel-boarding. One important thing I learned in iLeap is how to put my dreams into action.

Through my experiences, I have discovered some of my strengths. I found that I am good at helping people with their problems. I connect easily with other people. I am a good listener. I want to use these and other skills I have learned to help others, especially those with special needs.

I know I need help with this, so I will work with my other brother and sisters to continue building Father Wasson dreams. How? By teaching each other how to be a good family member, why it is important for a family to be close. Why it is necessary to learn about NPH services and values. To do this, I want to work with small groups. I want them to know there are so many people who believe in us and what we can do. And they should believe me because of my experiences meeting and connecting with other people during my time here in Seattle.

I am also starting to learn more about my leadership style with the help of iLEAP, my peers and facilitators at the Seattle institute and my host family

Part of my leadership means being able to take good care of myself, physically, mentally and spiritually, so that I can help others build their dreams and make them come to life. And in helping other make their dreams come true, mine will come true as well.

. Leadership means working hard in what you believe in, believing in your group, and believing you will do whatever it is you want to do. I want to be this type of leader because sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves. Then we need people like all of you to help us discover what we can do and what we can change. This allows me to teach my brother and sister at NPH that the skills we have are important and that we can make many changes together.

I’ve also discovered that when I am hurting, I need to stop. This is important! Knowing myself is important to my leadership, because it will help me to know when to ask for help, take time to take care of myself, or just keep going!

I’m so happy to go back home and share my experiences with my family and community in El Salvador. I’m exited to finish my psycology degree at the university and use it to help other people, especially those with  special needs.

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you to all of you for making this experience possible. Some special thanks you to my host family, Donna Egge, Jacqueline, the NPH office, leap, Cathy Callan family, Bubar Family and all of my friends. And again, thanks for being part of my history. You are my favorite chapter. Gracias.