My Homestay

David came up to me one day, telling me about how excited he was about a volunteering event he attended with his homestay. He was excited and felt good helping the folks he was with. He wanted to share a bit about it with you in his own English:


Living in West Seattle with this amazing people like Norene and Jacob has been phenomenal so far. They had told me about some of the volunteering they do since they are both retired. They both work at St. Vincent de Paul–which is a group of people that work with a purpose for people in need. Jacob and Norene have been volunteering there for twenty years with a joy and passion for helping others. The organization is huge, but my family only works in the West Seattle area. The Guadalupe Church provides them a place in order to plan and attend their meetings every week. They offer food, furniture, rent and clothing to people in need.

One day, I had a day off of school, and I decided to help them with some of the deliveries during the morning. Jacob, Norene and I had a typical Friday delivering couches, a sofa, a bed, a twin bed, and a set of drawers. Once we arrived at the place with all the things, the family that we met was very kind, grateful and blessed for the support. After that, we ate a well-deserved breakfast and talked a lot about our lives. In conclusion, learning from them makes me feel at home. The way they help the community will remain with me as I go home to Guatemala and try to serve the community there.



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