As many of you know or can guess, our students from Haiti are often challenged with learning English as their 3rd or 4th language. I am constantly impressed with Samuel’s willingness to learn English and just how much he has grown in communicating! This is a piece he wrote by himself reflecting on his learning in Seattle. 

I am pretty sure that most of you know that Seattle institute is a program focused on Leadership, English and also Service. I only want to talk a little bit more about my journey in Seattle and especially Seattle institute.

This program have changed me in different ways, the Seattle institute helped me to discover my really personality and help me to know that I have greatness within me. This program taught me that there are more than these three things, which are English, service, and leadership. It is true that we all can be leaders, but being servant leader is not really common and the Seattle institute allows me to be a better leader and even servant leader. The best thing by being a servant leader is to be humble and sincere, I can say firmly that this program has taught me how to be more sincere and how to be a better person every single day.

Being able to be part of this program is such a great blessing for me, and it cannot be possible without NPH (NPFS). I know that words are not enough to express how grateful I am; yes I really know what NPH is for me, but the fact that I am living in Seattle I can say that I learn more and more about NPH and what it really means to be part of this family. When I say my journey in the Seattle institute is more than learn English, leadership and also give service. This is what I mean; first I want to say something, which is similar that Father Wasson said, “ We all from different places, but what we really are is a family”. Father Wasson was more than right about he had said because I am from a different places and being able to live with and call the Marre family (my family) it is such a great thing for me. Being able to meet and spend time David, Roxana, Mariela, Saravia, and Jimmy another way that Father Wasson was right. To be honest, being able to meet all those beautiful people that are so dedicated to NPH explain the idea about the fact I say the Seattle institute is more than learn English, leadership and give service. During my journey in this program I have learned many things, things that help me to be more grateful than ever. The Seattle Institute has helped me to be the best version of me. The Seattle institute is one of the important parts of NPH and also helps me to know and understand what it means to be part of NPH. My journey in Seattle will not be possible without the host families, without those who give bodies and souls to this family that we all call NPH. I know thank you will not be enough to express my gratitude, but I hope my witness will be enough to show how grateful and I am for everything that you have done.

Thank you to my great host family (The Marres) that turns into a real family to me, I need you to know my journey will not be great without you. Thank Seattle institute for helping become the best version of me and I can so far you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel blessed enough and honored to be part of this beautiful journey, which is Seattle institute.

I am sure that these experiences will lasts forever. Love and Gratitude!!DSC_0456_web (1)

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