My Amazing Host Family

Saravia shares a bit about her homestay and how they have helped her adjust to Seattle. She wrote this in her own English!

I would love to share a little a little about who my host family is. Especially because because they have been excellent people with me. Because they make me feel welcome at home, I am treated more like a daughter and sister. And that makes me feel very good.

Katie: was the first person of this family I met. She was in my country and we met because she is the director of the NPH offices in seattle. She spent a week in Honduras and we talked a lot. She decided that she wanted to be my godmother and that she wanted to support me in my studies and in my life in general. Since then, we have been in contact for many years. Eight years to be exact

Laura: Laura is the wife of my godmother Katie. Laura is originally from Seattle. She is a person who has a lot of patience and that impresses me a lot. She is also very motherly in every way, she knows how to take good care of people and has very noble heart. She is really smart.

Nicholas: He is 9 years old, he is a very cute and very intelligent boy. Nicholas loves sports like me –that’s why we have a good connection because we share things in common. He is a really good soccer player, he plays as a goalkeeper.

Rory (Aurora): Rory she is 9 years old too. She and Nicholas are twins. Rory is a very intelligent girl. When I see her, I think of the great future she will have in her life. She loves to read most of the time she is reading, I think she has read more than any other adult in their life. Also, she has a very strong personality. That’s what i like most about her, because it is how we identify ourselves. She always what she thinks and i like that too, for many girls with the same age i think she is too mature.

Willa: she is 3 years old. She is the most beautiful kid that exists. Thanks to her, children have started to like me more. She is a very cute an funny girl she makes each of my days the best. Willa makes me feel welcome and loved, and I really like it.

I am very grateful to be part of this family and grateful that they are part of my life and my NPH family.

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