David talks about Christmas Break

David had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas, the New Year, and his birthday with a family who has traveled to NPH Guatemala many times. He talks about how it was spending his Christmas vacation in Minnesota in his own English here (with a bit of editing from Jacqueline):

Welcome to my second blog, I would like to describe my amazing trip to Minnesota.

In December, I was excited to finish the first quarter of school. We went on retreat with Jacqueline on Whidbey Island and it was really¬†interesting. We talked about topics such as “How to be a Servant as a Leader” and “How can I Make a Difference.”We washed each others’ feet and talked about humility. December reminded me that Jesus came to earth for us to be the true path and life for us. Christmas is a good season to be thankful for Jesus’ birth.

During my time in NPH, I know that the meaning of Christmas is not only that you have gifts under the tree, light in your home, dinner with family and friends, snow around the house, or stockings hanging in the living room. Christmas is about sharing with others, and even if you have very little, you share it with love.

This experience in Minnesota was really fun because I was invited to sit first class in the plane ride–which has never happened in my life! I also went to Mall of America (which is huge), the University of Minnesota, down a giant slide in the mall, and to Minneapolis for New Year’s Eve. There, I danced the whole night with friends! It was a great experience. It was fun spending time with the Munoz family for my birthday, where we just played many board games.

I thank God every day for the people that support NPH and give me these experiences. I will never forget them!16473830_267885516977012_5678709767686175928_n


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