Roxana reflects on Seattle Central College

Roxana comes from NPH El Salvador. She offers a reflection on studying at Seattle Central Community College. The original version in Spanish follows:

Seattle Central College is a place that offers everyone the opportunity to study English–no matter the color of your skin, race or religion. All of us are seen equally by our highly qualified faculty, who are always read to help us when we need it.

Seattle Central is also an incredible opportunity to learn and meet many new people in our classes. We come from many different parts of the world, which means that we learn about different culture, religions, politics and economics from worlds different than our own.

Personally, I’m very happy and thankful for this opportunity to learn English and make new friends. Sometimes I get tired when I have to work in a group, as it is challenging for me to communicate with my classmates. Our English is not very good, but we are able to communicate with a bit of work together and help from our professors. This is truly one of the best opportunities in my life.

Seattle Central es un lugar especializado donde todos tenemos la oportunidad de estudiar ingles no importando el color, religion, ni raza todos somos vistos de igual manera y lo mas importante que este colegio cuenta con los maestros calificados que siempre estan en la dispocicion de ayudarnos cuando lo necesitamos.

Seattle central es una gran oportunidad para aprender y conocer y hacer muchos amigos ya que dentro de nuestros niveles de ingles habemos de diferentes partes del mundo, mediante la convivencia con nuestros companeros aprendemos otras culturas, como por ejemplo: religion, politica, economia todo un modo de vida diferente al nuestro.


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