A reflection on the Gala

Saravia, our student from Honduras, was asked to offer a reflection on the NPH USA Gala that took place on November 5th. Here is the translated version of what she said (the original follows below):

“Charity is a virtue of the heart, not of the hands,” said Joseph Addison.

I want to start with this thought from Joseph, which applies very much to the Gala, where people who both know and don’t know NPH joined together. The event was very successful in raising money for my NPH family. This event was very important in my life, as it as changed much of my way of thinking and how important it is to love without condition, barriers or borders. I was incredibly surprised to see that so many people were so generous with what they have. As Addison said, “Charity is a virtue of the heart,” thus it was good to see that so much money was raised to help kids from other countries and sponsor a child while only seeing their photo. These people are committed to helping and are showing kindness to their neighbor.

I would also like to mention the wonderful work of the NPH USA Northwest office. I was able to see Katie Hultquist (Director of NPH USA Northwest) and her staff work hard every night to make this event possible. As students, we tried to collaborate with them to contribute to this work of love.

To finish, I just want to thank all those who helped make the Gala possible, and thanks to those who, in one way or another, are involved in the growth of NPH. Thanks for being part of our NPH family!


Quiero empezar con este pensamiento de Joseph, que para mí aplica mucho a la Gala de NPHI un evento en el que acudió mucha gente que ya sabía de NPH como al mismo tiempo mucha gente ajena de lo que NPH significa. Un evento en el que se recaudó dinero para la salud de mi familia de NPH. Este evento a marcado mucho mi vida, ha cambiado mucho mi manera de pensar, me ha enseñado lo que significa amar sin condiciones, sin barreras, sin fronteras. Realmente lo que me sorprendió de todo esto fue ver como hay tanta gente dispuesta a dar de lo que poseen, como dice Addison la caridad es una virtud del corazón, no me sorprende el hecho de el número que se recaudo es ver a la gente dispuesta a ayudar al prójimo, dispuesta a ayudar a los niños de diferentes países, personas que decidieron apadrinar un niño con solo ver una fotografía de ellos, personas que quieren comprometerse a ayudar, personas que se muestran sensibles al prójimo.

Por otra parte me gustaría mencionar el maravilloso trabajo que hace la oficina aquí en Seattle. Vi cada noche trabajando a Katie Hultquist y su Staff para que este evento fuese posible. Al mismo tiempo nosotros como estudiantes del programa colaboramos con esta gran obra de amor.

Para finalizar solamente quiero decir gracias a todos los que asistieron a la gala, gracias a los que de una manera u otra se involucran para que NPH siga creciendo. Gracias por formar parte de nuestra familia.

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