Reflection from Samuel

Samuel was asked to offer his reflection on what his homestay in Seattle has been like thus far. He wrote this in response (written in his own English!):

My name is Samuel Jocelyn. I have one big brother, four big sisters and one little sister with whom I grew up in Sent Elen. Both of my parents passed away when I was young. I don’t really remember their faces, but only their names since they were always working or trying to find supplies for us.
I joined our little brothers and sisters (NPH) in July 2004 after much back and forth, where a new chapter of my life started. At first glance it was an ‘Orphanage.’ Over time the place that I called orphanage has become my home sweet home, NPH

. In Kenscoff, I learned a lot of things: I learned to be a man, I learned that we rise by lifting others, to be thankful to God for everything and that love is the real answer.

I live with with Ben and Julie, and their three beautiful boys. Matteo, Lucas and, the coolest one, Oscar. I came from nowhere and I am integrated with this gorgeous family. Once again another chapter of my life started, and the first thing they had told me “SAMUEL YOU ARE HOME”. They are not just my homestay…they are my family because they will be a part of me forever.
I have spent time with all the homestay families, and I can say that I see God in you all. You are beautiful inside from outside. They all mean so much to me! I am grateful for them all! Thank you to God, to NPH, and to all of you.

One thought

  1. Samuel is a fine young man. We are looking forward to seeing him in our home in California so I can teach him some tennis and share many happy moments. Mario and Jessica Rizzo.

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