Jimmy’s reflection on his experience in Seattle

Jimmy was asked to to reflect on what he has learned in the leadership formation meetings. His original reflection was in Spanish (below), which has been translated into English. 

I want to share a bit about my experience in Seattle from the lens of leadership development and spiritual growth. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve realized that God is the the only way of guiding us towards where we want to go and to have peace of mind.

To develop oneself as a leader isn’t as easy as I thought it was. Something that we’ve learned from our formation is that we have to know our deepest selves–which can be difficult because our daily routines distract us, sometimes so much that we forget to spend time with our personal self.

I thought that to be a leader only meant guiding a certain group and have strategies to obtain the highest results from the goals we pose to ourselves. I did not realize that to be a leader is to have high self-awareness. In this way, one can address our own weaknesses and try to be better every day by being better to those who surround us, to love what we do, and to see God in others.

To act and think with integrity is something many look for, and that is often difficult. I cannot ever forget that service and humility must come first in a leader. Padre Wasson wanted all of us to have in mind and practice these values, as he did. To be a pequeño in NPH isn’t easy, but with the help of God, we can be better examples to our brothers and sisters.

In our leadership formation meetings, I have also learned that it is good to know how others look at us because we also have a perception of ourselves. Other people have different views of ourselves. In this way, we have learned that it is important to ask for feedback from those around us so that we can better ourselves and our actions. But before asking for such an opinion, we must be prepared to receive any point of view and be objective with ourselves.

Quiero compartir sobre mi experiencia aquí en Seattle desde el punto de vista de desarrollo de liderazgo y crecimiento espiritual. En el tiempo he estado aquí me he dado cuenta que Dios es el único que nos puede guiar hacia donde queremos ir y es el único que nos da paz interior.

Formarse como líder no ha sido tan facil a como pensé que era. Algo muy importante que se nos ha enseñado en esta formación es a conocernos a nosotros mismo desde el fondo de nuestro ser, lo cual a veces es muy difícil por la rutina que llevamos con el día a día en nuestra vida cotidiana, a veces estamos tan distraídos con lo que pasa a nuestro alrededor que nos olvidamos de pasar tiempo con nosotros mismos .

Pensé que ser un líder solo encerraba la parte de guiar a cierto grupo de personas y tener estrategias para obtener buenos resultados de las metas que nos proponemos, pero me he dado cuenta que ser líder es conocernos a nosotros mismos primero, para así mejorar nuestras debilidades y tratar de ser mejor cada día, y ser mejor con las personas que están a nuestro alrededor, sentir amor por lo que hacemos y por las personas que rodean nuestra vida y ver a Dios en esas personas.

Pensar y actuar de manera íntegra, es algo que muchos buscamos, y que muchas veces se nos hace difícil. Sin olvidarme que el servicio y la humildad es lo primero que un líder, pequeño e hijo del padre Wasson debe practicar y tener en cuenta, porque es el ejemplo que nos dejo nuestro querido padre, ser pequeño no es facil, pero con la ayuda de Dios seremos buenos ejemplos para nuestros hermanos y hermanas .

En las reuniones de formación de liderazgo también he aprendido que es bueno saber como los demás nos miran a nosotros, porque nosotros tenemos una percepción de nosotros mismos, pero los demás tienen diferentes percepciones de nosotros, para eso se nos ha enseñado que es importante pedir la opinión de nuestros superiores o de quienes nos rodean sobre nuestros actos para así mejorar en lo que creemos que estamos haciendo bien, pero que tal vez no es así. Pero antes de pedir esa opinión debemos de estar preparados a recibir cualquier punto de vista de la menare más madura y objetiva con nosotros mismos.

Reflection from Samuel

Samuel was asked to offer his reflection on what his homestay in Seattle has been like thus far. He wrote this in response (written in his own English!):

My name is Samuel Jocelyn. I have one big brother, four big sisters and one little sister with whom I grew up in Sent Elen. Both of my parents passed away when I was young. I don’t really remember their faces, but only their names since they were always working or trying to find supplies for us.
I joined our little brothers and sisters (NPH) in July 2004 after much back and forth, where a new chapter of my life started. At first glance it was an ‘Orphanage.’ Over time the place that I called orphanage has become my home sweet home, NPH

. In Kenscoff, I learned a lot of things: I learned to be a man, I learned that we rise by lifting others, to be thankful to God for everything and that love is the real answer.

I live with with Ben and Julie, and their three beautiful boys. Matteo, Lucas and, the coolest one, Oscar. I came from nowhere and I am integrated with this gorgeous family. Once again another chapter of my life started, and the first thing they had told me “SAMUEL YOU ARE HOME”. They are not just my homestay…they are my family because they will be a part of me forever.
I have spent time with all the homestay families, and I can say that I see God in you all. You are beautiful inside from outside. They all mean so much to me! I am grateful for them all! Thank you to God, to NPH, and to all of you.