Reflection from David

David was asked to offer his reflection on what his life in Seattle has looked like thus far. He wrote this in response (written in his own English!):

First, I am very grateful for NPH and the whole team who worked so hard to make this leadership opportunity possible for me. I have never been to Seattle before. Thus, this is my first time to learn English and about Leadership.

I am living with the Fonseca Family – John and Mona. They are great people, with a big heart and who are BIG supporters of NPH. I have learned from John and Mona how to be passionate about the important things in my life and how to always keep God first. I love them, and I always think I am so blessed.

 During our orientation week, we met our homestay families, mentors, learned how to use the Google calendar, ride the Seattle buses and finally, the BIG moment we were all waiting for……..the famous tour of the school and also the excitement and nervousness to start classes the following Monday.

Everything is good at college, although learning the English grammar is a little complicated, but I still like to learn it. I have met and made friends with students from all over the world. My English teacher said that the students from NPH are very kind and good students, which makes me feel happy and proud. During the week, I study hard, and on the weekends, I attend the Leadership classes with Jacqueline. When I have a free weekend, I spend it with my family and catching up on my sleep!

During my time in Seattle, I have visited and met the staff at the NPH Bellevue office. I have also visited iLeap and was introduced to Izumi and the other staff. Now, I am getting ready for the NPH Gala. This will be a big moment in my time in Seattle for all of the NPH students. It will be a good experience to meet all the NPH supporters and just have fun at the Gala.

Our NPH group always has a lot of fun. For me, it is always a pleasure sharing time with them and knowing that they will be there for me.


One thought

  1. Thanks for sharing, David. It is nice to share your Leadership program experience through your very well written reflection. We know this experience will impact your future in wonderful and exciting ways! Keep up the good work!
    Judy & Roger Paulsen

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