Welcome Mariela!

Mariela is a practicing orthodontist in Mexico. She is excited to continue developing her own leadership skills while also learning about new ones. Mariela finds different cultures fascinating, and she is especially looking forward to being in the United States to meet new people. Mariela says that much of her own strength comes from living in NPH Mexico. “It (NPH) provides love and safety. It emphasizes the importance of education and teaches the values of sharing, working hard, and educating youth for the future so that they can contribute to the workforce and break the cycle of poverty.” In her spare time, Mariela enjoys photography and theater.  Welcome to Seattle, Mariela!!mariela3

One thought

  1. Dear Mariela and All, welcome to the United States, we are so proud of you and wish you all the very best. Godparents, Helen and Jay
    we look forward to meeting you in November. Blessings!

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