Christmas in Family: Part Two

By Jonathan, Class of 2016

The Posadas festivities are held in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, during the nine days before Christmas, these celebrations recall the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where they seek a place to stay and wait for the birth of Jesus. This novena is usual that will add a series of traditions and celebrations.

In Our Little Brothers and Sisters, it is a tradition to celebrate the posadas with the kids at home, to spend time with family, and compartir (share) with others.

This year, my posadas were spent with very wonderful people here in Seattle, people who believe in the philosophy of Father Wasson and can be a world for a child. This experience was in the House of Bubar where six boys and girls of different ideas and cultures came together to celebrate and give to know perhaps a bit more of our culture within and outside NPH where we could cook, dance and sing to this wonderful people with their families, as people like them make possible the dreams of every child in our nine NPH homes in Central America and the Caribbean and more, so we thank you to them for being part of our party and family!

This was a very beautiful experience to see so many people enjoying our traditions as much as we we do. It was a party for big hearts.  Thank you!

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