My Experience on my Job Shadow

Written/Translated by: Samuel, NPH Mexico

I remember when Kara asked us about something that would like to work for one day, with professional people. I didn’t think by two times, my answer was that I really like “broadcasting and something more about Communication”.

Weeks later I went to my first job shadowing, “KBC-FM Radio Station” whit Samia Panni, she talked about her job, which plays Music from Brazil, she had been volunteer of this radio for many years. Also, we could observe all the things that she needs to do when she is “On Air”, I really enjoy to see a lot of controls, cables and microphones.

A week later, I went to Adaquest. I felt like if I were working with them, I went to a meetings and I met a lot of people. One of the things that I did realize was that some of this people who is working on Adaquest are sponsors from some of the kids from NPH and they loves their kids, and also they are thinking to visit one of our NPH houses. I was really excited. So, I really enjoy my visit to Adaquest.

I want to thank Samia for inviting us to her radio station, and also I really say thank you to Adaquest for letting me learn more and share time with me and all my brothers and sisters.  And a special thanks to Carol Bubar for giving us this opportunity to meet professional people.


Recuerdo aquella ves que Kara nos pregunto acerca de algo que nos interesara trabajar por un dia, con gente professional. Yo sin pensarlo dos veses le respondi “broadcasting o algo relacionado con comunicacion”.

Semanas despues me encontraba visitando “KBC-FM Radio Station” una estacion de radio, el programa era dirigido por Samia Pani, Ella nos hablo acerca de su trabajo, que es transmitir musica de Brazil, ella ha sido voluntaria en esa estacion de radio por muchos años. Pudimos observar todos esos movimientos que nesesita hacer cuando se encuantra “Al Aire”. La verdad es que me emocione ver controles por doquiera, cables y microfonos.

Una semana despues, me encontraba en Adaquest. Me senti como parte del equipo, ya que asistia a juntas y conoci gente. Algo de lo que me di cuenta fue que muchoas de las personas trabajando en esta empresa son padrinos de algunos de nuestros niños de nuestras casas de NPH, ellos quieren a los chicos, y de hecho algunos de ellos ya estan hacienda planes para visitor NPH en el future. Pero bueno, disfrute al maximo el estar en Adaquest.

Quiero agradecer a Samia por permitirnos visitar su estacion de radio, tambien quiero agradecer a Adaquest por darnos la oportunidad de aprender mas de ustesdes y compartir con migo y con mis hermanos, y tambien un agradecimiento muy especial a Carol Bubar, por darnos esa oportunidad de conocer a gente tan trabajadora.

Carol preparing the students for their job shadows.
Samy with Samia, Magda, and Luisa at the Radio Station!

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