By Nelson Alvarez, NPH Honduras
There are four parts to my first days in Seattle.
First, when I arrived at the SEA- TAC (Seattle, Tacoma) airport, I met many people, including students from other NPH homes. We took many pictures at the airport. I was so happy, but very tired. Before going to the house, I met my host family Judy and Roger Paulsen whom I am learning a lot of English. When I arrived at my house, my family had prepared my beautiful room.
Second, I found many surprising things in Seattle.  The next day my host family showed me how to take the bus to school this day was so hard for me because here in Seattle the bus system is completely different than Honduras and I still was thinking that it was the same than Honduras, it was so funny because when I took the first bus I hoped to find things like music, people talking each other, or the person who takes the money from each passenger so they can ride the bus  this was so hard for me because I have never been here before. I was surprised by many things because in Honduras we have a very different bus system. Drivers here respect the rules of the road, and people here are very considerate of each other.
Third, my next week here was very busy learning about the University, and the NPH leadership program. We had fun activities, and worship experiences. I met some ex-volunteers that worked in Honduras many years ago when I was there. We had dinner together at Lake Union, we rode The Ducks, toured Seattle, and I attended worship with my host family.
Fourth, I attended my first week of school. When I started classes I was thinking about many things, and I was so nervous. I met my English teacher and my classmates from many countries: Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Vietnam. Actually this is difficult to me because sometimes I think that I am still with my classmates from my country it is so funny because when I talk with them I sometimes tell them words in Spanish like,No, Asi no es, they look at me a little rare because anybody in my English class speak Spanish just me and when they talk each other in Arabic I feel so confused and I tell them I don’t understand you, I am now enjoying school and my studies a lot because my English teacher is very helpful, and my classmates are very friendly.
In summary, my first days in Seattle have been very tiring, but exciting. I feel like I am well prepared for my studies at Seattle Central College (SCC).



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