Luisa Reflects on her First Month in Seattle…

A Reflection by Luisa Riquiac (NPH Guatemala), Translation by K. King

Mi primer mes en Seattle fue como aprender ajedrez tenía que enfrentarme a los cambios, y que cada mañana tendría que tomar varias decisiones porque no entendía nada de inglés entonces fue como me callo o le contesto, me muevo o no me muevo, aprendo o no aprendo, tenía que ver el mundo este como este, pero con la confianza de que ese mundo y esa realidad podía mejorar y tener una actitud positiva y sobre todo jamás negar esta realidad y sobre todo aceptar esa realidad.

Tenía que tener una actitud de acción como el ajedrez de pensar cómo hacer realidad esta oportunidad de cambios y como poder sobrevivir a un país diferente. Aprender a usar lo que puedo usar con la única diferencia que con otro tipo de lenguaje, ha sido muy divertido a estar enfrente de las mismas repuestas, me recuerdo que andaba buscando una dirección como loca pero por miedo a confundirme no preguntaba, pero llego un momento de frustración que me anime a preguntar y le pregunto al joven y se me queda viendo y levanta la mana y me dice estas enfrente, solamente nos empezamos a reír los dos.


My first month in Seattle was similar to learning to play chess.  I had to confront changes, and every morning I had to make various decisions since I did not know any English.  I had to decide to be quiet or speak, to move or not move, to learn or not to learn.  I had to see this world as it is, but with trust that this world and this reality could get better.  I needed to have a positive attitude and above all never reject this reality.

I needed an attitude of action, like in chess.  I needed to consider how to make this opportunity a change for change and growth, and learn how to survive in a foregin country.  I have learned to use what I can to communicate! 

One funny example was one day I was walking in Seattle looking for a certain address like a crazy girl.  But because I was afraid to make a mistake, I didn’t ask for help.  Finally I got so frustrated that I got up the courage to ask, and I asked a young man on the street.  He just looked at me and lifted his hand to point at the building and said, “you are here”!  We just began to laugh together.


Disciplina + esfuerzo = Exito.

Discipline + Effort = Success


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Team Building Retreat

This year, we added a new retreat to our programming.  A “team-building” retreat with the purpose of building group unity, getting to know each other better, and setting individual and group goals and hopes for the year.

Magda’s (unedited) reflection on the retreat also shows how much English she has learned in only one month!  Nice work, Magda!
It was a very special day for me personally for the reason that I could share many things with my brothers and sisters. Most of all I learned from each of them. Was a weekend to know more and share objectives and goals for this year.  We brought everyone in mind. Kara was a very important point in the retreat on the grounds that she shared much knowledge and leadership with us that we did not know and that knowledge makes today of liking for our daily lives here in Seattle.

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