It was over three years ago that charter class graduate, Emir Ricaño (NPH Mexico), turned to me at our weekly meeting and asked “when are we going to do the Posadas?”.  I am now so grateful for his question and for how the Posadas have become a tradition here, allowing our NPH students to offer a gift of their culture and tradition to their family in the Northwest.  It also gives them an opportunity to practice leadership and intercultural skills – as they must find a way to integrate traditions from their various countries and then explain the tradition to folks here.  Doing all of that in your second (or third) language is no easy task!

This year, as we have for the past three years – we gathered to enjoy the Christmas Posadas.  This year’s group decided to include a short skit, which was both funny and a good reminder of the first Christmas.  The crowd participated by joining in the singing of “We Three Kings” and later “Feliz Navidad”.  After the Nativity Play, it was time for the piñata which was homemade according to NPH tradition.  The youngest guests had a great time swinging at the piñata, even as Cesario and Dennis pulled it barely out of their reach.  Even the youngest (2 years old) was able to participate!

As guests lingered over a potluck dinner, the sense of community that surrounds these young people was palpable.  Thank you to everyone who participated, and to the students for putting on such a wonderful evening.

Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year!


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