Class of 2014 (continued…)

Today, meet Ricardo Klayen from NPH Mexico:

Ricardo talks about what he has learned during his years at NPH: responsibility, commitment, unconditional giving, and a strong work ethic.  All of these skills have served him well during his University studies in Monterrey, Mexico.  This past summer, Ricardo completed the final requirements for his Nursing Degree and graduated!  Part of his final year of studies included internships and social service.  He had the opportunity to work in the internal medicine department as well as the home care and psychiatry departments of two distinct hospitals in Monterrey.

During this year in Seattle, Ricardo notes “I hope to learn much about the culture, leadership, language, and people of the US.  Most of all, I wish to understand what kind of leader I am, what kind of leader I can be, and what I want to change or improve.  It is my intent to use these tools for the benefit of the people around me; in my work, in my community, and in my NPH family”.

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