Class of 2014 arrives!

Today, meet Mila from NPH Nicaragua:


Migdalia Meza Gutierrez


Migdalia is in her fourth year of the Pediatric Nursing Program at the University in Managua.  In order to participate in the leadership institute in Seattle, she is taking a break from her studies which she will complete upon her return.  She hopes that when she finishes she will be able to work for NPH.

This year, she hopes to prepare to be a strong leader in order to offer all she can to NPH in the future.  She reflects, “NPH, my wonderful family.  I can’t describe it other than to say it is a blessing from God, my brothers and sisters are everything to me.  Every child is a story – stories that identify us as siblings, stories that help us grow, learn, and get back up again when we fall.  I am grateful to have Father Wasson guiding us from heaven as we each take our own path”.


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