Closing our 2nd Year

Yesterday we said goodbye to Jacinto, Celson, Doris, and Rodolfo at SeaTac airport.  I know they began their own journeys home with the same flurry of emotions that was moving inside me.

I felt sadness at saying farewell to young people who have deeply touched my life, challenged me, and shared their hearts with me.

Excitement in picturing the welcomes they will receive at Rancho Santa Fe, Casa Padre Wasson, Casa Sagrada Familia, and Casa San Andres.

Gratitude for their willingness to step completely into the work here in Seattle, which is not easy, and to grow through it.

Grief over the stories of pain they have endured in such short lifetimes, and awe at how good is being pulled and drawn from tragedy.

Laughter.  Because, well sometimes it just helps to laugh together.

Relief when each packed suitcase came in just under 50lbs!

Happiness in seeing their readiness to return to their NPH family and their home countries.

Wonder and curiosity about how they will use their lives to serve and love others.  How will God continue to work through each of them?

Worry over their re-entry, knowing it is yet another in a long string of transitions.

Love and Hope.  For each of them.  For their families of origin.  For our NPH family.  For Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

And even, through them, a glimmer of hope for the broken world we live in.

My gratitude and love to each of you: Doris, Rodolfo, Celson, and Jacinto.



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