My Passion for Soccer

            Presently Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world; and people like to support lots of teams. Going to the stadiums, watching games at home, and making bets with each other are some examples of how people connect with this sport. Incredible amounts of money are spent just for a ticket, and sometimes people do not even know the players, but watching good matches and seeing good tricks with the ball, makes people excited. Although fans don’t know anything about the players, in reality they hope to enjoy a good Soccer game. Most people support this sport just for fun; however, a few passionately and intensely support it for variety of reasons. One of those people is me – I have played since I was a child, it is fun to watch on TV, and it is extremely excited to play – three reasons why I love this sport.

Soccer was inculcated to me by my uncle, Jorge, when I was I child is where everything started. The importance to support Real Madrid, a team from Spain, was his sermon every single day. When Real Madrid played, he did not have anything more important than that, including going to Mass. At first, I supported that team just because my uncle made do it, but once I understood the rules and everything about it, I started to feel the passion. Now, no matter where I am, supporting Soccer and Real Madrid is essential for me. Although Real Madrid is not a team from Guatemala- and some people express it is silly what I do – I feel so proud supporting this team. This is because it is in my mind and I am absolutely obsessed; therefore, the important point is what I think, not what other people say.

Watching games at home is the second thing that reflects my passion for soccer. To be seated for ninety-minutes in a sofa, watching a game, is so boring for some people. For me, watching a game means many things: learn new tricks, understanding unfamiliar rules, and seeing the structure of how the teams play. The passion for Soccer makes me feel like I am playing or I am supporting at the stadium—yelling, jumping, singing, and so on. People might think that it is a waste of time, but that’s what buffs really do, support their teams, no matter if they lose or win. When new stars appear, makes more interesting this sport because everyone has their favorite. For example, my favorite is Ozil, a player from Germany, who plays very well, and I really enjoy watching him. For those reasons and much more, I love watching games at home.

As a result of watching games, my motivation to practice soccer is greatly elevated. Imitating tricks is always in my mind when I am playing. No matter if I do them well, the important thing is to keep practicing, hoping that one day they will be perfect. Practicing, at least twice a week makes me happy because I stay in shape and have more experience which makes a big difference compared to others who don’t do it. Communication, good attitudes, and how to work in group are 3 things I have learned from soccer. Those things have helped me in my personal life because practicing them is how I can become a better person, that’s why I love to practice this wonderful sport.

In conclusion, soccer has been an important part of my life, playing it since my childhood and supporting a really good team—Real Madrid. Through media such as television, I have had a better connection with it. Likewise, putting into practice and trying to copy the different tricks has been increasing my passion for soccer.

-Jacinto Arias, 2013





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