Easter Reflections

This week we had a visitor from Honduras, Father Reynaldo!  It was great to see him and be able to share some time with him.  He also shared a reflection on the season of Easter with us, reminding us that Christ’s death and resurrection are an invitation to step into the story of God.  It is an invitation to participate.  We were encouraged to consider the relationship we have with God now and the relationship we long for, trying to imagine a holy friendship.  A “letter from God” reminded us of how we can find God in every aspect of our lives, that He is waiting for us, longing for relationship with us, and that we are loved unconditionally.

We also spent time discussing our prayer lives, how we pray, and the struggles we all face as we long to turn our hearts to God.

Finally, Bill (Rodolfo’s host father), led us in a reflection about the gifts God has given us.  Each was instructed to take a rock.  Then, he showed us a small fountain that already had many rocks in it.  As each of us added our rock to the fountain, we named a gift we feel God has given us to share with the world.  Each rock added changed the flow of the water, just as we each have the potential to change our part of the world.

We ended in a bilingual singing of, “This is the day that the Lord has made / Este es el día que hizo el Señor”, followed by a wonderful family meal.

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Thank you for your visit, Father Reynaldo!



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