Jacinto writes about missing his family, friends, and home:

Never in my life have I lived in another country until this opportunity. At first, I thought living in another country was the best. I thought I would have new opportunities, new friends and new things. I am in another country now and have the things I imagined, but I forgot something important: homesickness.

I have been living for five months in the United States and have learned a lot of things like English, a little bit more about leadership and other things. I have learned how to live alone. This part is so hard for me, because in NPH I have always lived with lots of people and had people around me. Sometimes here I stay at home alone and it makes me sad and I don’t know what to do.

Also, I have been in so many places. Seattle is a wonderful city. It has huge buildings, lots of trees and is a clean city. However, there is one thing that I don’t like: rain. It rains all the time and when it’s sunny is a miracle for me. I am studying English and I love the college. There are a lot of people from different parts of the world. Most of them are from Asia. It is so interesting to talk with them and learn about new cultures and learn words in different languages.

I am living with a host family, they have been my godparents for a few years and of course, they are a wonderful family. I have my own bedroom, desk, food and so many distractions like games, but even if I have a lot of things I still miss my family, NPH. It doesn’t matter how much I have, I still miss my friends because I have grown with them. They are my family, they are my life and they are everything for me. The first thing I remember when I am sad is them. Presently, I am so excited about going back to Guatemala and seeing my family again because I miss the noise, the children, my country, everything.

For me, happiness is not the things I have. Happiness is my family, it is helping them, sharing with them and loving them.

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