Rodolfo Shares New Experiences in Seattle

First Rodolfo reflects on a visit to a Presbyterian church recently:

I had the opportunity to know another church that I visit often. It’s name is the Presbyterian Church. While there I could observe that wherever I am, God is our father. I liked the songs, the gospel, and the Eucharist. I want to explain about the Eucharist at this time because it is very different from what we normally do. Why is it different? Because the Eucharist is a little wine and a little piece of real bread.  I could also feel that small symbol was the body of Jesus.

I also liked the quality of people who visit this special place, everyone is friendly, energetic, I felt like I was part of the community. The most important thing is that I enjoyed the whole time I was there.

Thank you Lord for showing your creation, that where I am you are also, thank you for giving me new opportunities to appreciate all that you do. As you can see in every person that you’re in them.

Next Rodolfo writes of his wonderful day with his friends the Paulsens:

Yesterday, Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit two beautiful places — the Seattle Great Wheel, and the Seattle Aquarium.  I went with together with two people I like a lot, Roger and Judy Paulsen.  We did many activities, and I enjoyed it.   From the great wheel we could see all over Seattle – the Space Needle, the ferry boats, the stadiums, the harbor and all the tall buildings.

The aquarium was a wonderful adventure and opportunity to discover and learn about life under the sea.  Before going there I didn’t know what it was.  I thought it was a restaurant.  I saw octopus, sea horse, sea anemones, sea stars, sea otters, many kinds of fish, and my favorite fish Nemo.  The aquarium is beautiful and very interesting.  I learned about the food that is recommended for each animal.

Today, Sunday, I went to church with Roger and Judy.  I enjoyed the visit and surprised many people with my presence.  Next, I am very happy because I made pizza for us.  In the beginning I didn’t have any idea how to make pizza, but I learned.  We enjoyed the time together.

I say “Thank You” for giving me all your time and love, and being very special with me, and thank you for teaching me many things about life.  You are very kind and I will always remember you as part of my life.

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