Volunteering at St. Francis House

The following is a post by Doris reflecting on her experience:

St. Francis House is a place that tries to help immigrants and poor people from the United States that have few resources. This place helps them with clothes for children, young people and adults, furniture, tickets for the bus, food and toys; especially for Christmas. Volunteering in this house was a great experience. I had the opportunity to help people and to give them the things they needed. What I liked was that the people could pick whatever they needed, but there are always people checking that they don’t take more than they need.

During Christmas, this place collects toys for boys and girls of different ages with the goal that every family will have toys for their kids. Every family had a list in their hands of their kids and their ages. They had the opportunity to pick the toys for their kids and then bring them home. It was exciting to see the parents picking the best toys for their kids, hopping to get home and surprise them with the best Christmas gift.

It was an experience that taught me that in life, it is not necessary to speak the same language as somebody, but rather to have the desire and the love to be able to help.




St. Francis2

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