Tent City (Nickelsville)

By Jacinto Arias

Often we think that our lives are the worst, but it is not true. I had an experience that reminded me of this.

I went to visit a place in Seattle called “Nickelsville,” where the people only have tents to live in. There are approximately 30 families that live in this place where they survive on donations that people give them. There is a storage house in the middle of the site with food so that anyone can take food if they need it. Unfortunately, they don’t have running water or electricity, which makes their survival more complicated because water is such an indispensable requirement for life. Also, the rain complicates their lives; it is cold and fills the compound with mud. Unfortunately, Seattle is a very rainy place.

Many of the residents do not have jobs and the ones that do have jobs make very little money. This makes it difficult for them to purchase the few things they need.

At tent city, I realized that my life is easier than theirs, that I have a better house, I have clothes, I have 350 brothers and sisters, yet sometimes I still do not appreciate what I have and complain that I have too little. It makes me very sad to see other people suffering. I loved to share with the people at tent city while they gave us a tour and we talked.

I thank God for what I have and I ask God to strengthen those people so they are able to continue moving forward. Also, I know that I can help them with the little I have, because I know that happiness is found through sharing and I can do this with anyone in the world.

Through this experience, I learned to appreciate my things, to share, and above all, to thank God for what he has given me. I know that we are all brothers and sister in this blessed world.

“without shelter, people die”

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2 Thoughts

  1. Larkin, estoy de acuerdo contigo, tu y tu familia tiene un gran corazon y gracias por apoyar a toda mi famila y por estar siempre pendiente de todas esas personas que necesitan.. Dios te bendiga..

  2. Jacinto, sos una persona muy humilde de corazon y buena persona, siempre essta ahi para tenderle la manano a tus hermanos, amigos, y por supuesto a tu familia, sabemos todas las cosas hemos pasado y superado gracias a NPH, y ahora es teimpo de movernos y hacer conciencia en las personas. Me alegra que estes viviendo todas esas experiencias, que nos ayudan a crecer como personas. Cuidate saluddos

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