Fr. Rick returns to Seattle!

This past Sunday the Friends of the Orphans Northwest family was blessed to have Father Rick Frechette visiting from Haiti. About seventy-five people gathered in the Rudolf family home, host family of Rodolfo, to hear Father Rick talk about the many programs of NPH Haiti. All of this year’s leadership students attended as well as charter class alum Jean Francois. Fr. Rick talked about the especially tough economic situation facing the Haiti home and programs that have brought very difficult decisions as they try to make do with less resources.

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Father Rick, on behalf of the St. Luke Foundation which helps fund the St. Luke Hospital as well as many other programs, received the prestigious Opus prize in recognition of the phenomenal impact the Hospital and the many other programs have had in the lives of thousands of Haitians. The Opus prize is a faith-based humanitarian award that gives one $1 millon award each year to a deserving organization. Here is a beautiful video put together by the Opus Prize in recognition of Fr. Rick and the St. Luke Foundation’s work:

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