October Kayaking in Seattle

Jacinto and Celson’s Mentors Phil VanDerhoef and Kathleen McKay took their mentees kayaking on an unseasonably warm October Saturday. Here is what Phil had to share:

We took advantage of another beautiful Fall day in Seattle—warning Jacinto and Celson that the weather WILL change and it will be VERY different. Paddling around Lake Union, Equipo Celson and Equipo Jacinto, we watched beautiful boats, a loaded barge, the infamous amphibious Ducks, and the University Bridge going up.  We also managed to scare a few swimming geese and give in to the temptation to splash.  But, best of all, we got a chance to talk and enjoy a pretty day together.  When we got tired of paddling, but not ready to give up on the beautiful day, we found a deck to sit and have some nachos. Jacinto and Celson can look at these pictures in March and remember when it was warm in Seattle.  It is fun to have them here!

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Opening Mass

This past weekend, we celebrated our Fall Mass, thereby officially kicking off our second year!

What a glorious evening! Father Tom celebrated Mass with about 40 people gathered in Joe and Celson’s backyard. We sang and prayed in English and in Spanish, met the new leadership group (who introduced themselves in English!) and praised God for bringing so many wonderful souls together.

After Mass, Father Tom blessed Joe’s new home. It was a privilege for all of us to participate in that as well.

Finally, we had a communal dinner and time to catch up with old friends and/or get to know each other better!


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