Welcome to our Second Year!

This year we began our year with a week-long orientation to the NPH Leadership Institute in Seattle, followed by the orientation at Seattle Central Community College.  This was a great way to start our year and has allowed the students time to settle in with their families, connect with former NPH volunteers, meet other NPH supporters in the area, learn the bus system and take in their new environment.  It has also allowed time to enjoy our unseasonably warm and sunny weather by visiting places such as Lake Washington and Bainbridge Island.  Finally, last Saturday we saw Seattle via the famous “Duck Tour”.  Our guide even spoke Spanish since he had lived in Guatemala!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now that they are settled in, the students are eager to begin their classes on Monday and we are hurriedly ordering their textbooks and making all the final arrangements!  Please hold them in your prayers as they begin this next step in their journey here!



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