Meet the NPH Leadership Institute Class of 2013!

All four members of the second class of the NPH Leadership Institute are here in Seattle and ready to begin their year of growth and study. Take a moment to get to know each of them!

Santos Rodolfo Zuniga Giron, NPH Honduras

Rodolfo is currently completing his final year of service in My Good Shop (website on which items needed in the home are posted for purchase by donors) at Rancho Santa Fe. He said: “NPH is everything to me, it is my first family, a place where I am happy and proud to live. My NPH family has taught me to fight for my dreams and that I am an important member of our family and our society. I know that God has a purpose for each Pequeño/a that lives in our home.”

During his time in Seattle, Rodolfo hopes to learn about leadership and improve his English abilities. He wants to be a good representative of his NPH family as well as to learn more about the work of Friends of the Orphans and others who help NPH. Following his time in Seattle, he plans to study Economics or Accounting at the university level. With his degree, he hopes to work for NPH in the future either in one of the homes or helping to raise money. He comments that “in the future there will be many more little brothers and sisters and I want them to have everything that I had when I was their age so that they can achieve their dreams. It is because of NPH that I am who I am today and I am thankful to God, Father Wasson and everyone who supports our NPH family.”

Rodolfo (center) with the boys from Casa Emmanuel at NPH Honduras

Dora Serrano Lemus, NPH El Salvador

Dora is in her third year of university in Santa Ana, El Salvador, where she is studying Psychology. She explains that “the NPH family is one of the blessings in my life and I am so grateful to Father Wasson and all our supporters  who make it possible for us to continue growing and have the chance to have everything we need. Thank you so much.”

During her time in Seattle, Dora hopes to learn more about leadership skills and improve her English. She is also interested in meeting more of the people who support our family from a distance! Upon graduating from the Leadership Institute next June, she will return to El Salvador to complete the final two years of her degree in Psychology. Afterwards, she hopes to serve NPH as a psychologist because she feels that will be a good support for the children. She has never felt obligated to work for NPH, but rather does it out of love and gratitude. She says “I will always be willing to help meet the needs of our home.”

Dora with some of her little brothers and sisters in El Salvador

Celson Enrique Rivera, NPH Nicaragua

Celson is currently completing his year of service in agriculture and transportation. Prior to that he completed high school and a professional accounting course. As he looks ahead to the year in Seattle, he hopes to learn more about leadership and improve his English as well as identifying and learning how to overcome difficulties he may face. He even aspires to have the chance to try his abilities at ice-skating!

Celson says, “NPH is unconditional love. To me, this has meant a place where we are secure, protected, where we can trust in people who want the best for us and are willing to come alongside us as we learn to overcome the difficult moments of our past. ” Upon returning to Nicaragua next July, Celson plans to enter university to study Mechanical Engineering. After completing his studies, he can see himself working for NPH directly or perhaps becoming a godparent to one of his little brothers. He explains “as Pequeños we can never forget that we are part of this large family even when we leave the home. We identify NPH as our family and this makes us proud and grateful to God and to everyone who has helped us.”

Celson (right) with his friend Franklin helping clean up the areas around NPH Nicaragua

Jacinto de Jesús Arias Canel, NPH Guatemala

Jacinto is a high school graduate and currently completing his second year of service the NPH home. He has been working as caregiver and is currently in charge of the youth leadership group at NPH Guatemala. Jacinto is eager to join the Leadership Institute in order to improve his leadership abilities. He hopes to learn how to overcome the errors and fears that come in any leadership position.

On his application for this program Jacinto wrote: “I think the most important leadership qualities in NPH are to be patient, loving, understanding, flexible, keep the feeling of family and above all to place everything we do in God’s hands.” Upon returning to Guatemala, Jacinto hopes to study Systems Engineering. After completing his studies he would like to gain experience in the workforce and then return to NPH to work for the well-being of our children.

Jacinto (right) with his brother Wilmer and friend Rosa

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