Home Again

Emir reflects on his transition back to Mexico and beginning Medical School in Monterrey…

After my return to Mexico I felt abandoned because nobody went to the airplane to pick me up, so I stayed there for over an hour. Finally I decided to surf on the internet and I realized that somebody sent me an email about why nobody went to pick me up and they told me that I must take a taxi toward the houses. Then after much time waiting finally I arrived at the house and I went to my room. It was a surprise because although nobody was in the airport waiting it for me, a lot of people were waiting for me in the door of the house. It was a pleasure to see everybody there waiting for me.

The next morning I woke up and I thought  that I was in my house with my two little brothers Elias and Joshua and of course Karen and Dave, but I wasn`t there. I went to take a shower because the weather is not like Seattle! Here in Monterrey it is very hot, sometimes I go out to the street and I can feel how my skin is burned. Then I was unpacking and I realized that I lacked  a lot of things like my hangers for my clothes, shampoo, soap, blankets, towels and other personal items, so I asked for a few thing to my friends and I was not surprised that everybody gave me something – I really love my friends!

Right now I concluded all my paper work and admission for the university so I am really excited about that, although I start feeling very worried about school because it will start in only one week, so I feel weird but I am very confident that I can do it!

Finally I would like to say thank you to all the people who support the leadership program, Kara King, my family the Fittons, and all the host families for everything that all of you give us, the charter group of the international leadership program of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. Thank you and I hope to see you again.  Take care!!

We will keep in touch.

Emir Ricaño


Brothers saying “see you later” at the airport in North Dakota.



Our First Graduation!

On June 24th, friends and family gathered with us at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in West Seattle.  We were there to celebrate the first graduates of the NPH International Leadership Institute in Seattle.  We were honored by the presence of so many people who contributed to making this year possible by giving of themselves.

Charter Class, Fall 2011 near the Seattle Viaduct

Throughout the year, people have offered their help at just the right moment, doors have been opened that we didn’t even know to knock on.  We have seen the Spirit at work in the lives of these young leaders and stand in awe at what God is doing in their lives.  We are eager to see them take the next steps in their journeys.

Emir, Digyana, Julissa, Wendy and Jean Francois have added another layer to the ethic of service and the leadership practice and skills they learned growing up at NPH.  They have represented our family well.  They have shared their laughter, music, Spanglish, playfulness, their joy, abilities, stories, hopes, their frustrations and most of they have shared themselves.  They have let us see their HEARTS, what brings them joy, what brings them to tears, what they are willing to fight for, what they care deeply about, how they work and hope for the future of our NPH family and the future of their countries.  It has been a complex and challenging year and each of them brought themselves fully and completely into this process of personal growth and learning.

And so we gathered, as the NPH Northwest family, to celebrate their hard work, perseverance, curiosity, courageousness and their hearts for service.  It was a beautiful day full of prayer, stories and celebration!

Together, we marked both a new beginning and another ending.  It is not the beginning, because these young leaders arrived here last September with so many experiences already, but it is now a part of their journey . . . A part we all hope and pray will lead to greater service and love to those in our NPH family and their communities as they return home.

Our deep gratitude to everyone who has been a part of the pilot year of this project!

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