NHI Family Services Team Visits Seattle

Digyana shares the leadership group’s time with the family services team:

The NPHI family service team was in Seattle to work very hard for the future of NPH. They spent time with the leadership group. The visit was great. The leadership group enjoyed a pizza night at Karen and Dave Fitton’s house, the best place to eat pizza!

We had the honor of being with them during a presentation about their mission for NPH. There were a lot of people who help NPH present. Some were godparents and supporters, others were volunteers. We met many new people. During that time they introduced a new member of their group. Glenn Jones is our new international education specialist. He is a great person who has helped NPH for a long time.

We are grateful to the family services team for sharing time with us. Thank you!!


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Crisis Prevention Training

This weekend the leadership group participated in a training day on the CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program that is being implemented in all NPH homes.

This one day seminar served as an introduction to crisis prevention. It emphasized early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behavior. The group learned the different levels of crisis development and appropriate responses or approaches. We also studied the verbal escalation continuum and practiced how to react at each level.

Finally, we learned about setting limits that are simple, clear, reasonable and enforceable. The leadership students look forward to sharing their new knowledge and skills upon their return to NPH, as well as continuing to learn more about this model.

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Cinco de Mayo Party!

Wendy Shares her experience at a fun Cinco de Mayo party:
We attended a very fun Cinco de Mayo party organized by the Friends of the Orphans Northwest office in Bellevue. We ate Mexican food served by Larkin, Emir, Jean Francois and Chris (husband of Laura Useche of the Friends office). Digyana spoke briefly about the importance NPH has had in her life and in the lives of so many more. Many people at the party were new to NPH and Digyana spoke about how they can help our NPH family. Then we danced. They played our style of music, Latin music. I danced with Greg Schuler, we could not stop laughing, it was a lot of fun.

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