Our Third Retreat on Whidbey Island

Julissa shares her retreat experience:

Our third retreat was on Whidbey Island. It was very positive and It helped us to understand the importance of teamwork. We also had fun and we enjoyed cooking Baleadas (Honduran Food).

The retreat was focused on Vocations; The call that everyone has inside. These are the gifts that God gave us and that we can share with our brothers and sisters.  We talked about how each part of our body is very important because we can help other people and our family. It means the Body of Christ is with us. We can’t do everything but we can do something small with effort and love.

Digyana, Wendy and I enjoyed the beach. We had a great time together.

Miguel Venegas (NPH International Executive Director) was with us. He helped us with many things. He shared with us his experience and how he is working for our family. It really helped us to know how hard we have to study and work for ourselves, our families and our countries.

Donna, Kara, Miguel and Joe shared with us their time.  Also they gave us the opportunity to begin a new project which we will begin to work very hard on here in Seattle. We will then bring it with us to our homes in NPH and work with our family.

We are very excited because we have begun the last quarter at school. Our journey is coming to an end but a new one is waiting for us at our NPH home. We really want to put in practice all that we learned here in Seattle.

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