Digyana, Wendy, and Julissa Bring Excitement to Mission Trip Meeting!

On Thursday, January 12th, Digyana, Wendy and Julissa participated in an event at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Renton.  St. Andrew is planning a Mission Trip to NPH Honduras in July, and this meeting was the third in a series of informational meetings to equip travelers with information about the trip.  Also attending were Laura Useche, Kristen Bagley, Stephanie Schuler and Carol, each bringing the experience of their many trips to Honduras and other NPH homes.

The meeting included a tamale dinner prepared by Roger & Judy Paulsen, who had the experience of preparing tamales during their November trip to Rancho Santa Fe.  It’s safe to say the meeting had the potential to be “dry and boring”, had it not been for our guests.  The girls each described their experience at NPH, and led the group in learning a Spanish song.  Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and their desire and courage to use their English was amazing — they did great.  They, along with Laura, Kristen, Carol and Stephanie were able to address all the group’s questions with informative examples from their personal experience.

The St. Andrew group is extremely appreciative of our guests’ willingness to take time from their busy lives to contribute to the success of our July trip.

Thanks to all!!!

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