Surprise Visit!

I am so very happy because last weekend Stephan and Ross came to visit Seattle. Before they came I felt a little sad. My godmother Vicky and her family had invited me to Portland, but then Thursday night she told me “I’m sorry Wendy but you can’t come to Portland.” I asked if she was ok and she said yes but that her father-in-law and mother-in-law needed her. I said it was ok and that we will have more opportunities to visit. I told Mary and she said not to worry because this weekend there will be snow.

FRIDAY: Mary said to me “Wendy you need to finish all your homework and other assignments. I asked why and she said she had a surprise for me! I was so happy I said “ok!!”

SATURDAY: I finished all of my assignments in the morning and went to mass. Then I went to Julissa’s house because I was going to stay the night and Julissa wanted a haircut.

SUNDAY: Mary and Matt came to pick me up at 11:00am took me home to find my surprise, my great surprise! Mary toll me to go to the door, I was smiling so big, and oh my god Stephan and Ross were at the door. We gave big hugs and I cried, I could not believe they were there. I never imagined they would come so soon. It was a great moment! We went to get Digyana and she cried too. She asked why I had not told her and I said because it was a surprise for me too! we all ate, visited the space needle, and talked about how we felt in Seattle. We then went to the Restaurant Palomino then returned to Julissa’s house. We played dancing and soccer video games.

MONDAY: We went to our school, Seattle Central Community College, because Stephan and Ross wanted to see where we study. The school was closed so we just played in the snow. Julissa, Digyana, Emir and I were there, Jean Francois was not because he was in Portland. We drank coffee, talked, walked, shopped, window shopped, and ate dinner. We did a lot of things! The Schulers and Kara came for the dinner and ate with us.I was so happy. After we ate we had to say goodbye because they were going back to Honduras. I want to say thank you so much to Stephan and Ross for coming, I will never forget this. I love you both. It was a big surprise because everyone knew of their visit except for Digyana and I but I loved it. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. May God bless you all!

 Written by Wendy in her own English

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