Julissa’s Host Family Experience

I had been here in Seattle for three months, and my experience with my host family has been great! Seattle is very beautiful place, it reminds me of Guatemala with its mountains and forests, but the weather is definitely not the same.

I remember that the two first weeks were very difficult because everything was new for me but my host family helped me with everything. I have had many new experiences with my host family. Now I know about American Football, because Max played for his school’s team. I don’t understand everything about it but I like going to the huge stadiums where there are a lot of people screaming. It was a fun experience, because in my country the most popular sport is Soccer. Now I know that the American Football is fascinating.

I also went to the high school state Volleyball tournament. Kate was on the varsity team, she is a great player. I like Volleyball more than American Football, but the two sports are very good.

Carol and Bob always are teaching me many things. Bob taught me some important words English that are good words for me to know. Carol taught me to bake. I love knowing how to bake some cookies in the oven. My favorite bread is brown bread. This kind of bread is so delicious.

Christmas with my host family was so happy. The traditions are different but I liked them. I liked the mass in St. Louise Parish. There were a lot of people there. Christmas dinner with my host family was so amazing. Then we had the gifts, they gave a lot of gifts, I was so happy.

Recently I went to Leavenworth, Washington with my host Family for a few days. This town is so nice and I saw snow. We went to the park and walked around in a lot of snow. Strangely I didn’t feel so cold. This experience was very fun.

I hope that I have more experiences with my host family, they are very nice people. I really appreciate being able to spend this year with my host family. I like being with them.

Written by Julissa in her own English

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